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FT - 1959-1963 off conditon cards and tape residue


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ALL cards have been traded, thanks for looking.

I have a few cards that have tape residue on the front or back for trade.
(The tape residue cards have been traded)
I also have some that are creased.
LMK if you are interested in working a trade.
I will trade for vintage and newer cards.

1959 Topps – Poor condition – 70 H. Kuenn (Tigers), 349 H. Wilhelm (O’s), 420 R. Colavito (Indians), 432 S. Burgess (Pirates)

1962 Topps – 30 E. Mathews (Braves) Good, 85 G. Hodges (Mets), V. Good, 557 (Cubs) Good+

1962 Topps – Poor condition – 243 R. Roberts (Yankees), 316 H. Killebrew (Twins ) Crease, 416 (Tigers)
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I would be interested in a trade.I collect lower grade vintage myself. I do have various years to trade from.Plmk what years you are interested in.