FT/FS large box of 90s stars

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5.00 star(s)
I recently purchased a large box of cards from my local card shop. I was looking to add to my David Robinson PC, and instead of going through the whole box and pulling out just the Davids I needed, he sold me the whole box for a decent enough price. Now that I have pulled out the Robinson cards, I would like to pass this on to the next person so they can pull the stars out that they want, and then hopefully pass it on to the next person!

I have everything in a flat rate medium sized box ready to go to the next person!

1) There are probably about 700 or so non star, or damaged cards in this box. (These are not included in the price, just maybe someone who receives this box would like to go through them in case they need it for a set or what not, plus it makes it so the box is better packed).

2) There are high end sets and low end sets included. High End sets include a few years of Topps Chrome, Finest, SP, SP Authentic, Flair Showcase, and SPx.

3) Players include (I may be a card or two off on the counts):
- Yao Ming - 15+ cards
- Kevin Johnson - 5+ cards
- Tim Duncan - 30+ cards
- Doc Rivers - 20+ cards
- Tim Hardaway - 5 cards
- Steve Nash - 20+ cards
- Kevin McHale - 25+ cards
- Clyde Drexler - 50+ cards
- Mark Jackson - 50 cards
- Karl Malone - 75 cards
- Steve Kerr - 5+ cards
- Robert Parish - 40+ cards
- Charles Barkley - 45+ cards
- James Worthy - 30+ cards
- Ben Wallace - 20+ cards
- Vince Carter - 20+ cards
- Scottie Pippen - 50+ cards
- Mitch Richmond - 45+ cards
- Patrick Ewing - 70+ cards
- Kevin Garnett - 25 cards
- Hakeem Olajuwon - 80+ cards
- John Stockton - 90+ cards
- Reggie Miller - 60+ cards
- Alonzo Mourning - 35+ cards
- Dennis Rodman - 45+ cards
- Isiah Thomas - 35+ cards
- Jason Kidd - 35+ cards

If anyone would like to know the specific cards I have for the players listed above, I can do my best to pull them out and list them.

Like I said I bought this to pull out the Robinson cards, so I am trying to give this for a great price to fellow collectors.

Shipping is $15 for the flat rate box. Then if I were to say only 10 cents for each card I have listed above that would be $102.50 for those cards. After adding in the shipping it would be $117.50. So that was my starting point.

I want to pass on a great deal (especially as this would be my first trade/sale here), so I will say I will do 60% of that.

IF SELLING LOOKING FOR $60/obo delivered to you in a priority box.


1) David Robinson
2) Michael Jordan
3) Luka Doncic
4) Trae Young
5) Ja Morant

1) Vikings numbered cards
2) Patrick Mahomes
3) Lamar Jackson
4) Daniel Jones
5) Joe Montana

1) Mike Trout
2) Pete Alonso
3) Joe Mauer
4) Juan Soto (rookies, autos, relic or numbered only)
5) graded vintage (PSA/SGC/BVG only)
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