FT/FS/WTTF Topps Chrome Update (2013-2016)

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Since the first year this "sub-set" was released, I've been building these just like I did with the Red Hot Rookies that Topps did in 2008-2010. For those that are not familiar with these, they were inserted only in the Mega Boxes, or holiday boxes as some call them, at Target stores at 2 4-card packs per box (the boxes have always been priced at $14.99 if that helps). I know some of you also call the 2015 cards "pulsar" as they have the same number scheme as the regular set, but have a bubble background to them.

The following are the cards I'm wanting

2014 Topps Update Chrome: MB6 (G. Sizemore), MB7 (J. Morneau), MB11 (M. Choice RC), MB16 (A. Nieto RC), MB18 (R. Montero RC), MB19 (J. deGrom RC), MB25 (T. Sanchez RC), MB26 (B. Arroyo), MB43 (M. Tanaka RC)

2013, 2015, 2016 DONE!!!

The following are extras that are available...

2013 Topps Update Chrome:
Got alot of these available - send lists!!!

2014 Topps Update Chrome:
MB3 D. Freese, MB4 G. Springer RC, MB9 D. Matsuzaka, MB9 D. Matsuzaka, MB21 J. Jones RC, MB34 C.J. Cron RC, MB38 A. Pujols CL, MB38 A. Pujols CL, MB39 J. Abreu RC, MB41 J. Abreu RD, MB45 G. Polanco RC, MB46 M. Betts RD, MB47 A. Heaney RC, MB48 G. Polanco RC, MB54 J. deGrom RD

2015 Topps Update Chrome:
US127 E. Rodriguez RC, US136 B. Buxton RD, US151 C. Lewis, US157 N. Syndergaard RC, US161 J. Samardzija, US161 J. Samardzija, US170 M. Foltynewicz RC, US208 A. Russell RD, US208 A. Russell RD, US208 A. Russell RD, US237 C. Kimbrel, US238 A.J. Cole RC, US264 B. Holt FS, US272 M. Duffy FS, US286 F. Lindor RD, US294 M. Trumbo, US308 J. Butler, US308 J. Butler, US308 J. Butler, US309 H. Kendrick, US309 H. Kendrick, US309 H. Kendrick, US319 W. Harris FS, US324 C. Rodon RC, US325 M. Kemp, US350 D. Gregorius, US392 O. Despaigne FS

2016 Topps Update Chrome:
list coming soon!!!

Please let me know what you can help with!!!
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