WTT FT/WTTF: 2021 Stadium Club - UPDATED 09/25/2021

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have this
Oversized Master Photo (OBP)
DM Don Mattingly

looking for 2021 topps series 2 86 silver pack cards.wantlist in set builders forum.lmk
I think I just traded away my last one of those. Anything else you're looking for?
trout inserts or parallels.
I (should) have these Trouts - will trade any one of them for the Mattingly as they're equal BV:
2021 Topps Series 2 1965 Topps Redux T65-3 Mike Trout (LAA)​
2021 Topps 1951 Topps Blake Jamieson 1 Mike Trout​
2017 Topps Series 1 Bowman Then & Now BOWMAN-1 Mike Trout​

I also have this one:
2021 Topps Through The Years TTY-28 Mike Trout [Blue] (LAA)​

BV is $12 on that though - so if you can help with some other stuff we could work something out (assuming you need/want that one).

Let me know, or you can post for one of those top 3 if you want. Thanks!