Full Mailbox Today

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Bench Warmer
Sep 15, 2009
Randolph, New Jersey
Picked up this past weeks mail at the PO and here is what I got:

Bobby Richardson 1/2
Mike Mussina 3/3
Bobby Allison 5/5
Denny Walling 2/2
Chuck Bednarik 3/3
Richard Petty 1/1
Jack McKeon 2/2
Tony Perez 1/1 omlb
Jeff reardon 4/4
Pat Neshek 8/8
Bob Shirley 4/4
Dennis Leanord 3/3
Goose Gossage 1/1 omlb
Gil McDougald 3/3
Awesome successes! Did you purchase the Perez? If not, where did you send and how much $$ did you include? Congrats, Pat