Future HOF Delivered!


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Hey guys,
A good friend of mine who lives in OKC went to the AAA Championship Game Tuesday and got Lee Smith to sign some cards that I provided. Today she came to Wichita Falls and she delievered the cards to me while she was here! That sure beats paying his signing fee! Here are the goods:

Thanx for looking!


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Nice looking autographs, looks like he took more care signing them than some of his certified autographs.

I met Lee at a card show last year, and he signed for free with paid admission. I think those days are over unfortunately, as he is looking like a future HOFer. At the show, he was very nice with all the fans, joked around a bit, but always respectful and polite.


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great looking cards..you must have this philly wrapped around your finger to deliver to ya!! :)