Future Yankees

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4.90 star(s)
Mar 23, 2004
Went before the game between Scranton and Indy. Watched 3 innings before heading to my softball game. Saw Montero get one at bat and was walked. Would like to see him hit and catch(was DHing) but looked awkward on the base path.

Was able to get a good chunk of the roster and will be going back at least one more time for the rest.

Scott Aldred 1 card
Jonathan Albaledejo 1 card
Kei Igawa 2 cards
Zach McAllister 3 cards
Ivan Novoa 1 card
Zach Segovia 3 cards
Kevin Whelan 2 cards
Reegie Corona 1 card
Reid Gorecki 1 card
Chad Huffman 2 cards
David Winfree 1 card
Jesus Montero 3 cards

Kevin Russo and Eduardo Nunez blew by without acknowledging the 4 of us there. Greg Golson just got sent down as well so would like to get him.
They are only here until Friday. If I get extras I will let you know. I just want him on a Rangers and a Phillies card and anything else will be extra
That game was on the MLB Network. It looked like a nice stadium. Congrats. I was in Scranton last week and those poor guys couldn't give away balls in the stands. I sat in row H, looked to the right and left of me and there was 7 people in that row forr the whole stadium. They probably enjoy going on the road and playing in front of more than 300 people.