G/U and autographs


5.00 star(s)
I should have most of these for trade although I may have to dig to find some of them. I would love to trade for Casey Mize that I don't have.
01 SP TG1 Troy Glaus
01 SP DE Darin Erstad
02 mlb divisional artifacts DA-VG Vlad Guerrero 35/130
03 topps pristine bomb squad PBS-GA1 Garret Anderson
03 topps pristine bomb squad PBS-GA2 Garret Anderson
O3 leaf certified materials mirror blue 171 Aaron Sele 36/100
04 topps all star series 1 ASR-TG Troy Glaus
04 sweet spots sweet threads STS-BC Bartolo Colon
04 sweet spots sweet sticks SSS-GA Garret Anderson
04 Studio game day GD-1 Garrett Anderson 103/300
04 bazooka one-liners Reggie Jackson BOL-RJ
05 timber and threads donruss TT-12 Garret Anderson
05 leaf century collection 72 Chone Figgins 111/250
05 sp authentic 26 Dallas Mcpherson
06 leaf certified materials Wilmy Caceres 154 36/200
07 bowman sterling BS-OC Orlando Cabrera
07 ud artifacts apparel Garrett Anderson MLB-GA 27/199
08 sp legendary cuts destination stardom DS-HK Howie Kendrick
08 topps series 2 TR-CK Casey Kotchman
12 gq GQR-RC Rod Carew
12 topps golden moments strategy spoiler Bobby Abreau GMR-BA
12 gq GQR-DH Dan Haren
2013 A & G Josh Hamilton
04 Topps TA-GA Garret Anderson
05 Topps 52 525-MBB Mathew Brown
05 topps series 2 Casey Kotchman TA-CK

01 absolute memoralbilia home opener souvenirs OD-34 Jeff Kent 345/400
02 topps ten runs leaders TTR-3BA Jeff Bagwell
02 topps record breakers RBR-LBE Lance Berkman
02 fleer tradition this day in history Craig Biggio
03 Absolute Memorabilia tools of the trade Jeff Kent TT-64 153/250-
03 topps 205 TR-RO Roy Oswalt
03 studio leather and lumber LL-19 Jeff Bagwell 90/400
04 leaf certified materials red mirror Andy Pettitte 12 29/250
03 flair diamond cuts 44 DC-RO Roy Oswalt
04 topps chrome home town heroes CHR-LB Lance Berkman
04 sweet spot sweet threads STS-RO Roy Oswalt
04 sweet spot sweet threads STS-LB Lance Berkman
04 sweet spot sweet threads STS-JB Jeff Bagwell
04 topps all star series 1 ASR-BW Billy Wagner
04 bowman heritage threads of greatness TG-AEP Andy Pettitte
05 throwback threads century stars Roger Clemens CS-22 30/50
05 bazooka blasts BB-JK Jeff Kent
05 topps heritage clubhouse collection CCR-LB Lance Berkman
05 donruss champions 162 Craig Biggio
05 donruss throwback threads 259 Morgan Ensberg 31/100
05 ud trilogy generations present PR-BL Brad Lidge 64/99
05 ud trilogy generations future FU-CB Chris Burke 26/75
05 ud trilogy generations future FU-WT Willy Traveras 118/120
06 ultra fine fabrics FM-PW Preston Wilson
08 sp legendary cuts DS-HP Hunter Pence
09 spectrum swatches SS-CL Carlos Lee 79/99
SPX Prospect 224 Kirk Saarloos 395/825
04 Etches In Time ET-BD Brandon Duckworth 196/375
06 Fleer Nickname Greats Jimmy Wynn Toy Cannon
06 SPX Rookie Signatures #159 Taylor Buchholz 75/999

01 sp authentic MT Miguel Tejada
01 sp authentic AP Adam Piatt
01 ud all star hr derby Jason Giambi AS-JG2
01 fleer showcase sticks Adam Piatt
01 private stock 130 Ramon Hernandez
01 vintage timeless teams OA-JR Joe Rudi
01 SP game used edition EC Eric Chavez
02 topps through the years TTY-JR Joe Rudi
02 topps aces 5A-MM Mark Mulder
02 ud history makers 322 Tim Hudson 73/150
02 topps pristine common PPC-EC 363/425
02 ud game swatches RT-TH Tim Hudson
03 fleer tradition lumber company Miguel Tejada
03 fleer tradition Barry Zito
03 fleer genuine longball threats Eric Chavez/Carlos Delgado
03 fleer platinum portraits Barry Zito PP/BZ
03 fleer hardball mini rounding first Miguel Tejeda 35/524
04 leaf certified materials mirror blue 61 Erubiel Durazo 49/100
04 cracker jack 123 strikes Rich Harden SO-RH
04 topps chrome fashionably great FGR-TH Tim Hudson
04 topps chrome home town heroes CHR-TH Tim Hudson
04 cracker jack mini SO-BZ Barry Zito
04 sweet spot sweet threads STS-MM Mark MulderO
05 mlb artifacts Rich Harden 37/99 MLB-RH
05 origins Tim Hudson OR-TH
05 topps pristine uncommon base 139 Eric Chavez
05 ud season opener jerseys Eric Byrnes OD-EB
05 bowman heritage piece of greatness PG-EC Eric Chavez
05 donruss champions 57 Eric Chavez
05 donruss champions 180 Erubiel Durazo
05 ud mvp GU-EC Eric Chavez
06 ultra fine fabrics FM=BZ Barry Zito
06 bowman 1st year card FG39 Kurt Suzuki
07 topps heritage clubhouse collection Barry Zito CC-BZ
07 ud masterpieces captured on canvas Eric Chavez CC-EC
07 sp by the letter Danny Putnam 156
07 a & g AGR-RH Rich Harden
09 topps heritage clubhouse collection CC-KS Kurt Suzuki
96 Old Judge T96 series #4 Jim Bowie
96 Old Judge T96 Series #22 Kerwin Moore
96 Leaf Signature Series Geronimo Berroa
96 Leaf Signature Series Todd Van Poppel
98 donruss signature series A J Hinch
02 Topps Signature Moves TR-JP Juan Pena
03 SPX Rookie Signatures #170 Shane Bazzell 7/1224
05 reflections dual autos red 1/99 Eric Chavez/Scott Rolen
05 UD reflections dual sign MVRH Merkin Valdez/ Rich Harden 37/99
05 Cracker Jack mini Richie Robnett
05 Leaf Century Collection #186 Octavio Dotel 182/250
05 Topps All Time Favorites FFA-MNO Mike Norris
05 Topps Finest #147 Kevin Melillo 87/250
05 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness SG-HS
06 Bowman Sterling #BS-CP Cliff Pennington
07 MLB Artifacts MLB-RH Rich Harden Auto/GU 25/25
11 topps 60 auto Trevor Cahill T60A-TC

Blue Jays
00 ex genuine coverage Raul Mondesi
02 fleer premium international pride Carlos Delgado
02 ud star tributes Carlos Delgado ST-CD
02 ultra hitting machines Carlos Delgado
04 playball apparel collection AC-CD Carlos Delgado
06 world baseball classic Carlos Delgado spx winning materials WM-CD
06 bowman FG24 Davis Romero
06 ud game materials Roy Halladay UD-RH
06 all star stitches Roy Halladay AS-RH
06 all star stitches Troy Glaus AS-TG
07 ultra hitting machine Troy Glaus HM-TG
08 ud jersey Roy Halladay UD_RH
12 golden moments Adam Lind GMR-AL
12 a & g J.P. Arencibia AGR-JA
14 topps heritage CCR-BL Brett Lowrie
Donruss Signatures Shannon Stewart
07 SPX Prospect #134 Orlando Hudson
07 UD Special Endorsemets SE-AC Jeremy Accardo
07 UD Star Signings SS-LO Lyle Overbay
10 Topps Chrome #206 Mike McCoy
14 gq GQA-SD Steve Delabar

00 ultra feel the game Kevin Millwood 11 of 15 FG
00 piece of the game Rafael Furcal RF
00 piece of the game Andruw Jones AJ
01 fleer platinum diamond dominators Greg Maddux
01 bowman draft picks and prospects Wilson Betemit
01 fleer platinum diamond dominators Greg Maddux
04 donruss studio game day souvenirs GD-8 Chipper Jones 8/250
04 cracker jack mini SO-JS John Smoltz
04 studio masterstrokes Gary Sheffield MS-5 185/250
05 bowman sterling BS-RF Rafael Furcal
05 origins PB-TH Tim Hudson
05 donruss champions impressions 21 BJ. Surhoff
05 bazooka fun fact FF-DE Darrell Evans
06 bazooka rewind Adam LaRoche BR-AML
07 sp legendary materials LM-PN Phil Niekro 78/199
07 sweet spot sweet swatch SW-JF Jeff Francoeur
07 ud game materials UD-CJ Chipper Jones
07 topps 06 highlights HR-JAS John Smoltz
07 bowman sterling BS-TH Tim Hudson
07 sweet spot sweet swatch SW-AJ Andruw Jones
07 spx winning materials WM-SM John Smoltz 41/199
08 a & g AGR-DU Dan Uggla
08 a & g AGR-TH Tim Hudson
08 sweet swatch SS-MT Mark Teixeira
09 allen and ginter AGR-YE Yunel Escobar
12 gypsy queen GQR-TH Tim Hudson
13 gypsy queen GQR-THU Tim Hudson
13 a & g AGFR-JH Jason Heyward
13 a & g AGR-BM Brian McCann
13 tier one relic TOR-JH Jason Heyward 137/399
13 a & g AGFR-JH Jason Heyward creased
13 topps chasing history CHR-JAH Jason Heyward
13 triple threads braves ace Tim Hudson 31/36 TTR-TH3
02 ud mvp souvenir Rafael Furcal J-RF
05 topps pristine uncommon base Johnny Estrada 169 392/500
13 A & G AGFR-JH Jason Heyward
15 gq GMR-JU Justin Upton
autos 98 Best Randall Simon
04 UD Etches in Time Marcus Giles ET-MG 82/325
05 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Johnny Estrada 116/200
05 Donruss Team Heroes Nick Green
05 Bowman Best #111 Chris Vines 124/399
06 Topps Co-signers #101 Anthony Lerew
06 Topps Finest #151 Chuck James
07 Topps Moments and Milestones MA-MP Martin Prado
12 Gypsy Queen GQA-RD Randall Delgado

00 ud black diamond rookie jersey gems 124 Dave Krynzel
01 sp Jeremy Burnitz OF-JB
04 leaf certified materials mirror red Lyle Overbay 126/250 126
04 Studio game day souvenirs Geoff Jenkins GD-47 133/25
05 leather and lumber Scott Podsednik 66/250 119
06 bazooka rewind Nelson Cruz BR-NC
07 topps all star game stitches Ben Sheets AS-BS
08 ud game jersey Johnny Estrada 98-JE
08 sp legendary cuts destination stardom memorabilia Yovani Gallardo DS-YG
08 sp legendary cuts destination stardom memorabilia J.J. Hardy DS-JH
08 ud game jersey 99-JH J.J. Hardy
09 a & g AGR-PF Prince Fielder
13 a & g AGFR-RB Ryan Braun
15 heritage clubhouse collections Ryan Braun CCR-RB
06 sp authentic rookie signatures Jose Capellan 268 113/399
09 bowman 225 Mat Gamel

00 skybox genuine coverage
00 sp piece of the game Will Clark
01 diamond dominators J.D. Drew
01 pros and prospects Jim Edmonds S-JE
01 sp piece of the game Gary Sheffield
01 fleer tailor made J.D. Drew
01 tr TRR-JEI Jim Edmonds bat
01 fleer premium J.D. Drew
01 studio diamond collection DC-32 Jim Edmonds
01 studio leather and lumber LL-25 J.D. Drew
01 sp authentic Jim Edmonds
01 sp authentic J.D Drew
01 sp game used edition FTa Fernando Tatis
01 private stock authentic 146 Edgar Renteria
01 leaf certified materials fabric of the game FG-97 J.D. Drew
01 bowman heritage BH-JE Jim Edmonds
01 ud big league challenge BLG-JE Jim Edmonds
01 ovation piece of history Jim Edmonds
01 private stock authentic 144 Jim Edmonds
02 fleer ex behind the numbers Jim Edmonds
02 heritage clubhouse collection Jeff Weaver CC-JW
02 ex hit and run J.D. Drew
02 sweet spot swatches Jim Edmonds S-JE
02 we're no 1 hot prospects J.D. Drew
02 ud Jim Edmonds R-JE
02 fleer fence busters J.D. Drew
02 fleer platinum fence busters Jim Edmonds
02 fleer authentik J.D. Drew
02 fleer behind the numbers Jim Edmonds
02 fleer focus larger than life Jim Edmonds
02 fleer box score press clippings J.D. Drew
02 ud game swatches Jim Edmonds
02 playoff piece of the game POG-JE Jim Edmonds jersey
02 playoff piece of the game POG-JE Jim Edmonds bat
02 sp authentic J-JE Jim Edmonds
02 fleer genuine names of the game Jim Edmonds
02 flair jersey heights Jim Edmonds
02 flair jersey heights J.D. Drew
02 ud diamond collection 544 Jim Edmonds 358/775
02 ud mid-summer stars swatches MS-JE Jim Edmonds
02 flair power tools Jim Edmonds
02 fleer authentic JA-JE Jim Edmonds
03 fleer genuine longball threats Rolen/ Glaus
03 hot prospects Bo Hart H-126 100/250
03 bazooka piece of Americana Jim Edmonds PA-JE
03 ultra moonshots Jim Edmonds
03 saturday headlines HL-JE Jim Edmonds
03 ud leading swatches LS-JE Jim Edmonds
04 fleer tradition stand outs SO-BH Bo Hart
04 vintage stellar stat men SSM-2 Bo Hart
05 all star stiches Scott Rolen ASR-SR
05 topps all star game ASR-AP Albert Pujols
05 bazooka blasts Larry Walker BB-LW
05 ud first pitch fabric GU-MM Mark Mulder
05 zenith spellbound S-17 Albert Pujols 86/250
06 greats of the game STL-SC Steve Carlton
07 ud masterpieces Scott Rolen CC-SR
07 a & g AGR-MMU Mark Mulder
07 topps 06 highlights HR-ALR Anthony Reyes
07 spx winning materials Scott Rolen WM-SR 65/199
08 ud baseball heroes Troy Glaus 157 121/200
08 ud first edition Chris Carpenter UDFE-CC
08 a & g AGR-ATK Adam Kennedy
09 spectrum swatches SS-PU Albert Pujols
09 a & g AGR-RL Ryan Ludwick
13 a & g AGR-JJY Jon Jay
ud diamond connection Jim Edmonds 544 296/775
15 gq Matt Adams GQR-MA
96 Leaf Signature Series David Bell
05 Diamond Kings Crowning Moments Jeff Suppan #219 1/50
05 donruss Champions #377 Jeff Suppan
11 topps lineage 52A-JM Jason Motte
13 bowman platinum AR-OT Auto/G/U Oscar Taveras
13 select Carlos Martinez 194 632/750
14 topps chrome auto OT Oscar Taveras 465/499

01 cooperstown calling CC-RS Ryne Sandberg
01 sp legendary cuts B-RS Ryne Sandberg
01 ud combo g/u jersey Arod/Sosa CJ-RS
01 futures draft picks and prospects Juan Cruz FGR-JC
02 topps gold label ACR-BM class 1 gold Bill Madlock
02 mlb hot materials HM-CP2 Corey Patterson
03 bowman heritage diamond cuts DC-KW Kerry Wood
04 prestige league leaders LL-7 Kerry Wood
04 topps pristine fantasy favorites FF-KW Kerry Wood
05 origins PB-KW Kerry Wood
05 all star stitches RSR-DL Derek Lee
05 donruss champions impressions 36 Hee-Seop-Choi
06 bowman sterling Aramis Ramirez BS-AR
06 ud ultimate tandem UT-ZZ Zambrano/Zumaya 17/25
06 donruss diamond kings legend 284 Andre Dawson 7/50
09 topps career best CBR-AR Aramis Ramirez
11 topps-60 T60R-MB Marlon Byrd
11 topps-60 T60R-CM Carlos Marmol
12 topps heritage clubhouse collection Matt Garza CCR-MG
12 a & g AGR-CZA Carlos Zambrano
005 Past time signatures HO Ken Holtzman
05 Bowman Heritage SG-AG Angel Guzman
05 Bowman Best #136 Buck Coats 972/974
96 leaf Rey Sanchez
96 leaf Steve Traschel
07 Topps Finest #165 Scott Moore 394/399
07 UD Game Day Ticket GD-AG Adrian Gonzalez 37/50
11 Topps-T60A-AC Andrew Casher
13 topps museum collection AA-AR Anthony Rizzo

02 spx winning materials Gonzalez/Wiliams//Schilling GWS
02 ud Matt Williams SC-MW
02 stars of 89 Mark Grace SL-MG
02 leaf shirt off my back Matt Williams SB-MK
03 absolute memorabilia Reggie Sanders 21/25
02 spx super star swatches 185 Curt Schilling 201/800
02 topps-10 TTR-CS Curt Shilling
03 ud starring role Luis Gonzalez SR-LG
03 ud leading swatches LS-RJ Randy Johnson
03 studio Jay Bell 20/300
04 fleer hit kings Richie Sexson HK-RS
04 topps heritage clubhouse collection Randy Johnson CCR-RJ
05 playoff team six Schilling/Williams/
07 ultra feel the game Luis Gonzalez FG-LG
09 spectrum SS-JU Justin Upton
09 ud game jersey Conor Jackson GJ-JA
10 a & g AGR-MR Mark Reynolds
10 ud game jersey Justin Upton UDGJ-JU
02 donruss signature series Jeff Fassero
04 Donruss Team Heroes #19 Oscar Villarreal
05 Diamond Kings Crowning Moments #15 Chad Tracy 62/150
05 Bowman Heritage Signs Of Greatness Matt Green
06 Bowman Signs of the Future SOF-MO Micah Owings
07 Topps Co-Signers #108 Miguel Montero
07 ultra rookie card Doug Slaten 202 179/349
08 spx young star signatures Stephen Drew YSS-SD
11 playoff contenders draft ticket Evan Marshall DT-30
13 chasing history CHA-AE Adam Eaton

04 leaf certified materials white mrrror Paul Lo Duca 7/200
05 diamond kings Jeff Kent 357 18/25
01 sp Gary Sheffield GS-OF
01 spx winning materials Sheffield/Green GS-SG
01 fleer premium brother wood Adrian Beltre
01 private stock Shawn Green
02 sweet spot swatches Kazuhisa Ishii S-KI
03 fleer home run club Shawn Green 214/599
03 T-205 Kevin Brown TR-KB
04 bazooka blasts Shawn Green BB-SG
05 topps heritage clubhouse collections Eric Gagne CC-EG
08 sweet spot sweet swatch Manny Ramirez SS-MR
09 a & g AGR-BD Blake DeWitt
15 gq GQR-CC Carl Crawford
97 Donruss Signature Series Karim Garcia
97 Donruss Signature Series Dennis Reyes
03 Topps Autograph Series Paul LoDuca
04 Fleer Greats Jeff Torborg GBxA-JT
05 Diamond kings Signatures Crowning Moment #117 Milton Bradley 36/100
05 Topps Team TT-JP Johnny Podres
05 Cracker Jack Series SSA-EG Eric Gagne
05 Bowman Auto Issue #159 Blake Dewitt
08 SPX Young Star Signatures YSS-JL James Loney
12 Bowman Blue Allen Webster BPA-AW 324/500

02 ud diamond connection bat around Vidro/Delgado/Cruz Jr./Galarraga
03 fleer double header mini Vidro/Hudson
04 studio game day souvenirs Orlando Cabrera GD-54 103/300
03 topps auto series Jose Vidro TA-JV
04 leaf certified mirror red Chad Cordero 30 180/250

01 topps GHR-OC Orlando Cepeda
02 sp legendary bat B-BBo Bobby Bonds
03 ud star rookie P98 Craig Whitaker
03 bazooka blasts BB-TS Tsuyoshi Shinjo
03 fleer ultra back 2 back Barry Bonds 493/500
03 finest gold x-fractor 20 Barry Bonds 4/199
04 diamond kings diamond collection DC-12 Jerome Williams 65/100
05 donruss greats S-13 Matt Williams
05 diamond kings 200 A.J. Pierzynski 39/100
06 ultra fine fabrics FM-SR Steve Finley
06 mlb silver limited MLB-NL Noah Lowry 107/250
10 topps mlb all star game AS-BW Brian Wilson
11 a & g AGR-MC Matt Cain
12 gq GQMR-TL Tim Lincecum
97 Donruss Signature Series Jacob Cruz 0545i
97 Donruss Signature Series Kirk Reuter
03 Bowman Best BB-TI Travis Ishikawa
05 Past Time Signatures Felipe Alou

00 sp piece of the game MR Manny Ramirez
01 donruss class of 01 C.C. Sabathia scrapbook 51/500
05 donruss champions impressions 86 Victor Martinez
07 ud game materials UD-CS C.C. Sabathia
07 goudey mini 43 Grady Sizemore
07 all star game stitches AS-GS Grady Sizemore
08 sp legendary cuts destination stardom Ryan Garko
?? t-206 TR-RA Roberto Alomar
95 signature rookies Jaret Wright
96 Best Richie Sexson
96 Best Bartolo Colon
07 bowman sterling BS-JM Justin Masterson

02 fleer genuine names of the game Cliff Floyd
02 shirt off my back A.J. Burnett SB-AB
02 shirt off my back Ryan Dempster SB-RD
02 ud diamond collection 231 Cliff Floyd 268/775
03 topps transactions TT-JP Juan Pierre
04 ud etchings BE-ML Mike Lowell
04 donruss world series WS-5 Brad Penny 14/100
04 leaf certified materials mirror white Dontrelle Willis 53 2/200
05 all star stitches Miguel Cabrera ASR-MC
05 zenith A.J. Burnett ZB-71
05 ud scrapbook materials Josh Beckett SM-BE

? topps 206 TR-BBO Bret Boone
01 private stock 163 Arod
01 stadium club all stars SCAS-JO John Olerud 407/1200
03 prestige Bret Boone 312/325
05 topps opening day 47 Dan Wilson
05 ud trilogy Jeremy Reed FU-JR 74/100
07 stars of 89 SL-JO John Olerud
14 a & g FSR-KS Kyle Seager
07 bowman rookie card 224 Oswaldo Navarro
07 topps52 525-TJB T.J. Bohn
14 gq GQA-BM Brandon Maurer

02 ovation swatches O-JB Jeremy Burnitz
02 spx winning materials WM-PA Piazza/Alomar
03 t-205 TR-MV Mo Vaughan
03 ud headliners HL-TG Tom Glavine
04 topps all star game ASR-TG Tom Glavine
04 bowman prospects premiums Lastings Milledge PP-LM
04 ud etchings BE-CF Cliff Floyd
04 topps transactions TT-KM Kazuo Matsui
04 ud marquee attractions MA-KM Kazuo Matsui
04 tristars prospects protential Michael Abreu
05 donruss champions impressions Jay Payton 34
05 all star stitches ASR-CB Carlos Beltran
05 playoff prestige mlb game worn collection Mike Cameron 17
05 donruss heritage collection HC-9 Dwight Gooden 2/100
05 ud origins old judge Kazuo Matsui OJ-KM
05 sweet spot majestic materials MM-MA Moises Alou 48/75
05 fleer classic clippings cut of history CH-DS Darryl Strawberry
06 fleer ultra feel the game FG-CD Carlos Delgado
97 Leaf Signature Series Chris jones
05 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness SG-PH Phillip Humber
07 UD Artifacts Autofacts AU-PH Phillip Humber
09 UD Inkredible BW Billy Wagner

05 bowman first year BDP-149 Frank Diaz
07 sp by the letter signatures BL-11 Austin Kearns 38/50
07 bowman sterling BS-DDY Dmitri Young
10 a & g AGR-AD Adam Dunn
12 topps all star game AS-SS Stephen Strasburg
13 topps making their mark Stephen Strasburg MMR-SS
04 UD Clear Sign #134 Jason Bergman
07 Topps Chrome #355 Kory Casto
07 sweet spot sweet beginnings Matt Chico 130
13 Bowman Blue BPA-MMQ Mike McQuillan

03 fleer postseason glory PG-JP Jim Palmer 36/150
05 all star stitches ASR-MM Melvin Mora
05 mlb artifacts gold limited MLB-BR Brian Roberts 114/150
05 bowman BDP-124 Adam Loewen
05 throwback threads Brian Roberts 120 65/100
05 ud reflections fabrics FR-TE Miguel Tejeda
05 diamond kings diamond cuts DC-22 Jay Gibbons 22/200
05 ud reflections cut from the same cloth CC-TP Tejada/Palmeiro 46/99
05 sweet spot classics Jim Palmer
06 topps heritage clubhouse collections CC-MT Miguel Tejada
07 ud game materials Brian Roberts UD-BR
07 sweet spot classics CM-JP Jim Palmer
07 goudey mini 19 Brian Roberts
07 bowman sterling BS-BR Brian Roberts
07 fleer ultra feel the game FG-BR Brian Roberts
08 a & g AGR-JG Jay Gibbons
09 ud piece of history box score memories BSM-NM Nick Markakis 137/180
10 ud game jersey UDGJ-MM Melvin Mora
13 tier one relic TOR-AJ Adam Jones 54/399
13 a & g AGFR-JJH J.J. Hardy
04 Donruss Classics 187 Adam Loewen 47/250
05 Topps Rookie Cup DRC-SP Brandon Snyder/ Boog Powell
06 bowman sterling first year card Cliff Pennington BS-CP
08 Bowman Sterling BSP-DH David Hernandez
09 Sweet Spot Signatures S-MN Nick Markakis 109/199

03 fleer longball threats Nevin/Sweeney
03 topps record breakers Tony Gwynn
04 leaf certified materials mirror white 29 Brian Giles 184/200
04 ud etchings BE-BG Brian Giles
04 ud etchings BE-JP Jay Payton 88/250
05 fleer platinum diamond dominators DD-KG Khalil Greene
05 sp piece of the game Phil Nevin PN
05 donruss greats S-7 Steve Garvey
06 mlb gold limited MLBSG Steve Garvey
06 fleer fabrics FF-GR Khalil Greene
07 sweet spot sweet swatch Trevor Hoffman SW-HD
07 sweet spot sweet swatch Jake Peavy SW-JP
07 sweet spot classic CM-DW Dave Winfield
07 spectrum SSW-BG Brian Giles 9/75
07 spectrum SSW-BG Brian Giles 47/50
08 baseball heroes Kevin Kouzmanoff 171 70/200
13 gypsy queen GQMR-TG Tony Gwynn
97 Donruss Signature Series Andy Ashby
06 Bowman Chrome BC230 Jared Wells
10 bowman chrome first card BCP-200 Everett Williams

02 topps reserve TRJ-SR Scott Rolen
03 flair diamond cuts DC-PB Pat Burrell
04 leaf press proof 174 Pat Burrell
04 fleer history of the draft Marlon Byrd HD-MB 3/50
12 gq GQR-JRO Jimmy Rollins
13 a & g AGR-JR Jimmy Rollins
96 leaf signature series Mike Williams
97 donruss signature series Bobby Estalella
98 leaf signature series Mike Mims
15 heritage real one autos Roger Craig

03 ud game face gear GG-BG Brian Giles
05 dk diamond cuts DC-20 Jason Bay 154/200
05 bowman BDP127 Paul Maholm
06 bowman heritage pieces of greatness Xavier Nady PG-XN
07 a & g AGR-AL Adam LaRoche
08 ud game jersey 97-XN Xavier Nady
08 spx winning materials WM-AL Adam LaRoche 64/99
08 ud timeline TM-ZD Zack Duke
12 a & g AGR-AM Andrew McCutcheon
97 Donruss Signatures Lou Collier
05 UD Reflections Dual Signature Ian Snell and Merkin Valdez
06 UD Special Endorsements SE-PM Paul Maholm
06 UD Special Endorsements SE-NM Nate McClouth
08 SPX Rookie Signatures #132 Dave Davidson
08 SPX Rookie Signatures #134 Steve Pearce
12 Bowman Robbie Grossman BPA-RG

02 sweet spot swatches Juan Gonzalez S-JGo
02 playoff piece of the game Juan Gonzalez POG-10
03 bowman heritage diamond cuts Rafael Palmeiro DC-RP1
03 topps-205 Rafael Palmeiro TR-RP
03 topps chrome refractor Arod game piece ball
03 bowman heritage diamond cuts Arod DC-AR2
04 flair hot numbers HN-HB Hank Blalock 163/250
04 sweet spot sweet threads Mark Teixeira STS-MT
04 studio game day souvenirs GD-87 Hank Blalock 44/200
04 ud etchings Hank Blalock BE-HB
04 elite back to the future Hank Blalock BF-4 71/200
04 flair diamond cuts Hank Blalock DC-HB 18/175
05 bazooka moments BM-KR Kenny Rogers
05 ud reflections fabric FR-HB Hank Blalock
05 ud reflections fabric FR-AS Alfonso Soriano
05 fleer showcase measure of greatness Alfonso Soriano MG-AS
05 origins Alfonso Soriano PB-AS
05 dual mlb artifacts Layne Nix/ Michael Nix DA-Ny 43/99
05 studio master strokes Hank Blalock MS-17 20/50
05 ud mvp Hank Blalock GU-HB
05 fleer showcase swingtime Hank Blalock ST-HB 150/610
05 ud reflections FR-HB Hank Blalock
05 topps 40 Alfonso Soriano
05 bazooka blasts Adrian Gonzalez BB_AGO
05 prestige mlb Hank Blalock
05 topps gallery originals GO-RD Ryan Dreese
06 topps heritage clubhouse collection Mark Teixeira CC-MTE
06 al artifacts Hank Blalock AL-HB 1/325
06 spectrum retrospectrum swatch Irod RS-IR1 11/45
07 mlb artifacts Michael Young AW-MY 40/50
10 a & g AGR-JH Josh Hamilton
12 playoff prime cuts 33 Michael Young 28/99
12 A & G mini Ian Kinsler AGR-IK
13 gypsy queen GQMR-NF Neftali Feliz
13 topps heritage CCR-EA Elvis Andrus
14 gypsy queen GMR-DH Derek Holland
MLB apparel silver limited MLB-MY Michael Young 75/250
Donruss Signature Series Kevin Brown
04 UD Clear Path to Greatness John Koronka
05 MLB Artifacts Lanynce Nix 401/599
13 Bowman Blue BPA-BR Ben Rowen 93/500
13 Bowman BPA-BR Ben Rowen
13 bowman BPA-JC Ji-Man Choi
13 bowman auto Collin Wiles BPA-CW

01 fleer final cut Wade Boggs
02 bowman freshman fiber FF-DB Dewon Brazelton
02 bowman freshman fiber FF-AH Aubrey Huff
04 ultra season crowns Rocco Baldelli 112 103/399
04 ultra performers UP-RB Rocco Baldelli
04 donruss timber and threads TT-16 Rocco Baldelli
04 playoff honors players collection Shannon Stewart PG-87 9/250
04 leaf certified materials mirror white Fred McGriff 63 59/100
05 topps gallery GO-RB Rocco Baldelli
05 bowman BDP-123 Zach Jackson
05 trilogy generations future FU-GC Gustavo Chacin 9/75
05 donruss champions impressions 225 Carlos Delgado
05 donruss champions 126 Vernon Wells
05 leaf shirt off my back SB-19 Joey Gathright
06 artifacts mlb apparel gold limited MLB-JG Johnny Gomes
07 ud game materials UD-CC Carl Crawford
07 spectrum SSW-AH Aaron Hill 190/199
08 ud x James Shields UDXM-JS
08 topps HR-CC Carl Crawford
08 ud ballpark collections dual swatch Granderson/Upton 166
13 a & g AGR-MM Matt Moore
15 gq GQA-MJ Matt Joyce

02 playoff piece of the game POG-77 Sean Casey
03 game face gear GG-AB Aaron Boone
04 prestige player collections PC-10 Austin Kearns 12/50
04 prestige player collections PC-10 Austin Kearns 40/250
04 leaf second edition H-10 Austin Kearns
05 donruss champions impressions 58 Eric Davis
05 spx 1 Aaron Harang 42/199
05 spx 1 Aaron Harang 42/199
06 fx special materials SM-AD Adam Dunn
06 bowman FGB Joey Votto
13 a & g AGR-JC Johnny Cueto
03 donruss leather and lumber LL-5 Adam Dunn 272/400
03 studio leather and lumber LL-5 Adam Dunn 323/400
06 special f/x materials Adam Dunn SM-AD
10 a & g AGR-JB Jay Bruce
12 topps blockbusters BP-7 Griffey Jr.
13 topps making their mark MMR-ZC Zack Cozart
autos 97 Donruss Signature Series Pokey Reese
00 Team Best Rookies Ben Broussard
04 Topps Autograph Series Austin Kearns
05 Donruss Team Heroes #90 Jacob Cruz
05 Donruss Champions #371 Bubba Nelson
05 Diamond kings Crowning Moment #73 Ryan Wagner 53/100

Red Sox
05 fleer cooperstown tribute Carlton Fisk CT-CF
05 donruss champions 428 Doug Mientkiewicz
05 donruss champions impressions 432 Pedro Martinez
05 donruss champions impressions 25 Jason Varitek
05 reflections CC-BD Beltran/Damon 7/50
05 bowman heritage pieces of greatness Johnny Damon PG-JD
06 artifacts AL-ML Mark Loretta 217/250
06 artifacts AL-CO Coco Crisp 23/325
06 bazooka rewind BR-JDA Johnny Damon
07 sweetspot sweet swatch SW-MR Manny Ramirez
07 ud masterpieces captured on canvas CC-JB Josh Beckett
12 topps archives Clay Buchholz 56R-CB
04 Fleer Greats Luis Tiant
Tristar prospects 06 Brandon Wood FH-50
08 elite extra edition Carson Blair 190 528/719

02 ballpark idols field garb FG-LW Larry Walker
02 piece of the game POG-49 Larry Walker 218/250
03 ultra moonshots Todd Helton
04 ud awesome awards Todd Helton AH-TH
05 bowman heritage future greatness FG-JF Jeff Francis
06 bowman heritage pieces of greatness PG-THE Todd Helton
06 bowman futures game FG-25 Joe Koshansky
07 ud game materials UD-TH Todd Helton
07 ud game materials UD-JF Jeff Francis
08 a & g AGR-BH Brad Hawpe
08 ud jersey UDJ-MG Marcus Giles
08 udx UDXM-GA Garrett Atkins
12 a & g AGR-CI Chris Iannetta
07 Topps Co-Signers Ubaldo Jimenez
08 SPX Superstar Signatures SSS-MH Matt Holiday
14 bowman 1st bowman Sam Moll PA-SM

02 topps tools of the trade Chuck Knoblauch TTRR-CK
03 topps T205 TR-MS Mike Sweeney
05 sportscenter swatches GU-MS Mike Sweeney
05 trilogy generations future FU-MT Mark Teahen 1/75
97 Leaf Authentic Signature Mike Magnante
00 team best Kyle Snyder
06 SPX Rookie Signatures #122 Steve Stemle 320/999
07 Topps Co-Signers #101 Angel Sanchez
07 Bowman Signs of the Future Chris McConnell
08 A & G AGA-BPB Brian Bannister

05 sp legendary cuts glory days Jack Morris
05 sp legendary lineage LE-JM Jack Morris
05 topps opening day 46 Fernando Vina
07 sp legendary materials LM-KG1 Kirk Gibson 143/199
07 spx winning materials WM-JZ Joel Zumaya 175/175
12 a & g AGR-AJA Austin Jackson
07 ud spectrum rookie signatures 132 Kevin Hooper
10 topps chrome 175 Scott Sizemore

03 ud game face gear GG-HU Torii Hunter
04 studio game day GD-51 Torii Hunter 143/300
04 leaf certified materials 183 Torii Hunter 61/100
05 all star stitches ASR-JS Johan Santana
05 cracker jack take me out to the ballgame TO-JJ Jacque Jones
06 turkey red TRR-JS Johan Santana
07 ultra dual materials DM-HU Torii Hunter 61/75
97 Donruss Signatures Todd Walker
02 Leaf Clubhouse Signatures Joe Mays 108/200
05 Topps Total Signatures TS-TT Terry Tiffee
06 Bowman #228 Willie Eyre
06 UD Special Endorsements SE-DG Dave Gassner
07 Topps 52 Alexi Casilla #525-AC
07 Topps 52 Brian Buscher 525-BPB
08 UD Documentary Matt Tolbert

White Sox
01 topps TTR-RC1 Royce Clayton
01 private stock 45 Chris Singleton
02 fabric of the future FOF-EA Edwin Almonte
02 ud diamond connections Ray Durham 389 233/775
04 topps Esteban Loaiza
04 playoff honors players collection PC-16 Carlos Lee 244/250
04 leaf players collection Paul Konerko PC-67
04 donruss world series WS-46 Magglio Ordonez 12/100
04 ud etchings Magglio Ordonez BE-MO 66/250
04 topps all star stitches ASR-EL Esteban Loaiza
05 ud trilogy generations present PR-SP Scott Podsednik 63/115
05 prime patches past and present Carlos Lee 22/25
05 all star stitches ASR-JG Jon Garland
05 all star stitches ASR-MB Mark Buehrle
05 all star stitches ASR-PK Paul Konerko
05 diamond kings diamond cuts Carlos Lee DC-11 34/200
05 topps heritage FR-LA Louis Aparicio
06 bowman heritage pieces of greatness PG-JT Jim Thome
06 bowman heritage pieces of greatness PG-SP Scott Podsednik
06 bowman heritage pieces of greatness PG-AJP A.J. Pierzynski
05 bazooka blasts BB-PK Paul Konerko
06 sp legendary materials Harold Baines LM-HB 182/225
06 bowman FG12 Josh Fields
06 artifacts silver limited MLB-TI Tadahito Iguchi
07 ultra dual materials Freddy Garcia DM-FG 41/160
07 ud spectrum Mark Buehrle SSW-MB 97/199
07 ud spectrum Tadahito Iguchi SSW-TI 197/199
07 ud game materials UD-JU Juan Uribe
08 a & g AGR-JDY Jemaine Dye
09 ud game jersey GJ-NS Nick Swisher
09 ud 20th anniversary Frank Thomas MLB-FT
12 allen & g AGR-JPE Jake Peavy
13 a & g AGFR-JP Jake Peavy
02 sp prospects signatures Danny Wright P-DW
04 draft duos DD-FH Josh Fields/Lucas Harrell
08 documentary seasonal signatures Lance Broadway

02 ex hit and run Derek Jeter
02 ud faceoff Mussina/Ramirez 191
02 leaf game collection RV-B Robin Ventura
02 pristine portions Nick Johnson PP-NJ 822/1000
02 jersey kings JK-2 Jason Giambi 196/250
04 bazooka adventures BA-JG Jason Giambi
04 fleer inscribed NGJ-YB Yogi Berra
05 donruss greats S-12 Robin Ventura
05 all star stitches Gary Sheffield ASR-GS
06 ud fx SM-JG Jason Giambi
11 a & g AGR-AR Arod
11 a & g AGR-RC Robinson Cano
03 Pride of New York Signature Series PN-DR Dave Righetti
05 Past Time Signatures Sparky Lyle
05 Leaf Prospect #208 Bubba Crosby
06 Topps Finest #149 Darrell Rasner
06 Special Endorsements SE-WN Wil Nieves
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5.00 star(s)
The card has no number on it and say congraTulatIons on tHe back.It has a piece of bat....photo will be in bucket


5.00 star(s)
The card has no number on it and say congraTulatIons on tHe back.It has a piece of bat....photo will be in bucket

I'm pretty sure that is the one I am looking for. Are all of the other Jeters you have on your page for trade?

Thanks Stanley