Garage Sale find


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So my wife who is recovering from rotator cuff surgery decided she wanted to get out of the house this morning. On the way to the farmers market we passed several yard sale signs in our neighborhood. On the way back I said I wished I could find one selling cards. Well, sure enough I got my wish. I got all of this for $5.

almost a complete 1998 Topps set-missing 30 cards
almost a complete 1995 Score series 1 set-missing 13 cards
a stack of 1994 Score Traded

1998 Mystery Finest M19 Bonds bordered bv$15
1998 Score Complete Player 3A Jeter-bv$10
1998 All Score Team 19 Maddux-bv$8
a stack of 1995 Score Gold Rush-53 cards
a stack of 1994 Score Rookie Traded Gold Rush-32 cards



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Very nice! Especially nice since it was a sale that was not advertising sports cards. I only go to garage/lawn sales that list sports cards in their ad so I never would have lucked into this sweet buy.

I really think sales like this are the only way to buy cards these days. So many people are just dumping their cards (and not just the junk era stuff either) that buys like these are there to be had if one takes the time and effort to check them out. Pretty much people are dumping their cards at prices so low that you could actually throw the cards away and not be out anything................which is exactly what you just did with your $5 buy!!!!


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Nice! I always think about going to the yard sales in my neighborhood but never find the time to do it. May have to re-think that.