Gaylord Perry to appear at Everett Aquasox game

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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW
Gaylord Perry is scheduled to appear at the Everett Aquasox (Seattle Mariners A) game tomorrow and sign free autographs for a 2 hour period. One signature per person, per trip through the line according to the website for the team. I don't know how popular it will be, but I plan to get at least get 4 signatures with the family, including his 62T rookie card!!! If the line isn't too bad, I have back-up items to complete 2 more trips (family of 4) plus another 2 extra items. I doubt I can convince the wife to stand in line for more than 1 trip, but we'll see. All told, I could walk away with 14+ Perry autos tomorrow!

If anyone else lives close, I recommend a trip to Everett. The cheap seats are $5, worth it alone if you can snag a HOF signature too!
Now thats cool. I wish i lived in that area because id love to get his sig on a romlb as i have it on a bat allready.
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Wish I knew, I could have sent you a Yankee card of him to get signed. At one time he used to sigh vasoline containers.
Peanut bags too. Perry had a peanut farm at one time.

I actually don't have any Yankee stuff handy, mostly Giants and Mariners. All cards except I have an old Nalley's potato chip box with his portrait card on back. That would look great signed. I can't find my SI with his 300 Win commemorated on it. That would look great signed too! My main target is his RC, then anything else I get is icing on the cake!
I went to his signing at a fresno game a few years ago, only supposed to be 1 per but he was doing 2 each time through the line. With my friend I ended up getting 10, one on his VHS "Gaylord Perrys Dirtiest Tricks" lol.