Geerlinks & Olsen

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5.00 star(s)
Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
I went to the Surge/FireAntz game again tonight and was able to pick up the last two guys that I needed for my team set. I walked in and Rob Sich (one of their forwards) was working out in the hallway and I asked if Geerlinks & Olsen were there yet. He said yeah and took my cards back into the locker room and got them signed for me. I now have complete sets of both the Surge & FireAntz. Next up, the Huntsville Havoc on Thursday night! Got time for em Bill? :)

Joey Olsen - 2/2
Craig Geerlinks - 2/2
Andrew, I sent an email with the Havoc customs lmk if it went through or not
I haven't got it as of 12:07pm. Dunno if it takes a while to send or not. Might wanna try again just in case when you have time. Thanks buddy.