Gem Mint? I don't think so.

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This was in the auction text (hilarious)...

Some of the cases that the cards are in seem to have some white showing along some of the edges, perhaps from being welded together so tight. Look at the scan to make sure the card and the card-case both meet your expectations before purchasing!

Yeah, the welding was so extreme that it knocked the card off-center and took some of the corner off of... uh... each corner!

That is ridiculous.
Apparently you have to offer more then a dollar to use the offer option.
At least the seller is honest about it.. he probably bought it like that!! He is only asking $15 for the card! It is not like the seller is trying to scam anyone!

There are so many grading companies that seem to give just about everything a 10. The big ones (Beckett, PSA among others) are the only ones that matter. All others mean absolutely nothing. You have no clue what their scale is based on. But yeah, that's pretty crazy!
What would not surprise me is if he graded it himself. Had an issue with another guy on Ebay who was making and grading his own cards and trying to pass them off as 10's GEM MINT even though they clearly weren't.