George Foreman autos

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Apr 9, 2009
Topeka, KS
George Foreman is coming near me next week to speak at KU in Lawrence. I'm planning on attending and hoping to get his autograph, but I don't really know what to have him sign.

I don't have any cards or photos of him, or magazines with him on the cover. I don't want to spend $40 on a pair of boxing gloves since there's a decent chance I won't be able to get him to sign.

So does anyone have any suggestions or have an item they're willing to trade me, as long as they can get it here by Thursday?

Please let me know. Thanks.
I'm sure you have a George Foreman Grill you could bring, I mean who doesn't? lol

Get a big image online and go to one of the stores in your area that prints photos and just have one made, cheapest and best bet for ya in my opinion
George Foreman has got to be one of the coolest guys on the planet! That should be a fun event. FYI, Foreman will not sign gloves, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't sign boxing trunks either. Books and photos- yes; boxing gloves- no.
I have a couple SIs.

If you want to pay the postage, I'll send what I have. If you can get more than one signed, send one back to me. If you can't get more than one or any signed, keep/trade/toss them. A 50/50 concept.