Giving Thanks with a Generous Heart, Baseball Card Style!

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Feb 8, 2011
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Southern Illinois
I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! I have a story to share, going along with a theme that has been very much on my mind this Holiday Season. Yesterday, we were getting ready to bring our items in to church for our child who we sponsored with the Angel Tree program.

My wife told our own two children that the Angel Tree program needs extra stuffed toys for children in the program this Christmas. Our 3 year old daughter Ellie then ran back to her room, and got her very favorite stuffed toy, Violet from our family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge this past summer. She was ready to give her favorite toy to make another child's Christmas special!

My wife and I were overwhelmed, and she soon found 5 more stuffed toys to give, each time saying “the boys and girls will have fun with this one!” Who says we don’t learn from our children?

So, I got to thinking, and though I don’t actively collect anymore, I do have a number of signed cards that I have kept over the years. Ellie gave from her heart, and has inspired me to do the same thing. I am going to send a package of signed cards to Signatures for Soldiers, which sponsors the great organization Military Missions in Action. MMIA aids US Veterans coming home and trying to get re-integrated, many of whom are living with disabilities, by retrofitting their homes with adaptive technology, wheelchair ramps, and more.

If anyone would like to join me this Holiday Season to send some cards, signed or unsigned, to Signatures for Soldiers, I will send you a SASE. Anytime between now and the New Year, just respond to this post or send me a PM.

Thanks and God Bless you all and your families this Holiday Season!

Kevin and Family
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Anyone got anything to donate, signed or unsigned? I will provide the SASE!

God Bless,

Going to the post office tomorrow morning, glad to send SASEs out if anyone has doubles to donate!

God Bless,

The offer is still there, if anyone has anything they are willing to donate, I will get the SASE out this week!

God Bless,

Got those two sent out, thanks so much again quota and XZYXZY!!

If anyone else is able to donate, I will get a SASE to you! Thanks in advance!

God Bless,

I'm bumping this once more before Christmas as it is about to get super busy! Thanks to everyone who has supported, God Bless!

I want to thank Kevin for helping my Signatures For Soldiers effort to raise money to support a registered 501(c)3 that supports disabled military veterans. Yesterday, I received 5 envelopes from some generous collectors that I'm hoping will read this and know how very grateful I am for the support. Please check out more about Signatures For Soldiers at the following links:

Twitter: @Sigs4Soldiers

I wanted to thank those of you that have donated signed cards to my Signatures For Soldiers effort to raise money for Military Missions In Action. Over the weekend, I received some additional cards and I was able to pass $7500 raised since November 2014. 100% of that money went directly to MMIA. Again, thank you for helping with this effort and I can't wait until I hit $10k raised!!!
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