Good start to October

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Feb 9, 2010
Raleigh, NC
4 for 4 on 10/1/2010

Chuck Howley Sent on 9/17/2010
Joe Theismann Sent on 9/17/2010

both a signed Pro Set Super Bowl Superman card

Pete Weber Sent on 9/10/2010
Les Miles Sent on 9/20/2010

both an 08 A&G card

2 for 3 on 10/2/2010

Roy Smith - Sent on 7/12/2010. Hit to my 90 Upper Deck
Scott Ruskin - Sent on 9/7/2010. hit to my 90 Upper Deck

have 1 available to trade for both of these baseball players.

Only one I did not get back is Alan Page (Pro Football Hof.) Sent care of his office in Minnesota since he is a court judge. Received a letter from his assistant advising if I want my cards signed I would have to send a donation. $25 for a signed card. They are keeping my card for 3 weeks to receive payment and if they don't, they will return my card.
nice job Spencer, i have an old Howley card i should send...same with bob lilly