Good week so far....


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Having a nice week :)
Monday was big with 7 hits

First was a trade with thehalk for a Brett Butler ttm (which, for some reason, I did not scan...)

then I had SIX returns.......

former Red Sox Chuck Rainey 3/3 16 days

Andy Etchebarren 4/3 14 days including the double with Darold Knowles

Disco Dan Ford 3/2 14 days (he added the one on the far right)

Johnny Ray 2/2 7 days

and two former Kings, both 2/2 in 7 days, Al Sims

and Steve Duchesne

Tuesday brought former PGA pro Bernhard Langer 3/2 8 days (signed all three sent)

and today I got another former King Hartland Monahan 2/2 10 days

and finally 2010 baseball Hall of Famer Doug Harvey 2/2 17 days


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Hey Kingsfaninri
Nice pick ups
Job well done
how many autos do you have now of the Kings . Must be up there now. Just remember to keep july 17 open


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Thanks guys.

Chief, Kings count is now up to 85 TTM/IP

Sorry, I am busy on July 17th. I am attending the Bench golf tournament that day and cannot be talked out of it ;)