Goodwill Finds Today (Tons of star Rookies!)


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Hi there! Finally found a nice haul at the local Goodwill today, here are the rookies in the batch. Looking for 90s-early 00 insert/parallel stuff from any sport that I can use.... some of the Yelichs, Trouts, Ramirez are a little more harder to get than the others but nontheless LMK what you need :) I am pretty easy to trade with. Thanks, BRI

2011 Elite Extra Edition
7-Bour CHC, 11-S Castro CHC, 78- T Shaw BOS

2011 Elite Extra Edition Building Blocks
2-Kubitza/Drury, 8-Rendon/Esposito

2011 Topps Heritage Minors
19-A Hicks, 96-K Davis, 102-Z Wheeler

2012 Bowman Orange RC /250
212-Pomeranz COL

2012 Bowman Prospects (BP)
3-Lindor CLE, 44-A Duvall 1st SF, 66-Bradley 1st BOS, 105-Bogaerts 1st BOS

2012 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP)
1-Bauer ARI, 2-Machado BAL, 18-Z Wheeler NYM

2013 Bowman Platinum
12-Gattis RC ATL, 57-Eaton RC ARI, 85-J Fernandez RC MIA

2013 Bowman Platinum Prospects (BPP)
4-G Cole PIT, 8-Bogaerts BOS, 10-J Baez CHC, 12-Yelich MIA, 21-Lindor CLE, 35-Syndergaard NYM, 38-Springer HOU, 41-Seager LAD, 56-Rosario MIN, 74-Giolito WAS

2013 Bowman Platinum Prospects Chrome Refractor (BPCP)
3-Brinson TEX, 10-J Baez CHC, 20-Dahl COL, 91-Wacha STL

2013 Bowman Platinum Top Prospects (TP)
MW-Williams NYY, NS-Syndergaard NYM, GSP-Springer HOU, GS-G Sanchez NYY

2012 Panini Prizm RC
159-Cespedes OAK

2012 Panini Prizm Silver Prizm RC
162-Pachecho COL

2012 Panini Prizm USA Baseball (USA)
1-Trout, 4-Strasburg, 6-Kershaw

2013 Bowman RC
1-Puig LAD, 2-Skaggs LAA (2), 4-Machado BAL, 10-J Fernandez MIA, 14-Colome TB, 15-Phegley CWS, 17-M Ozuna MIA (3), 19-Gregorius-ARI, 24-Bundy BAL, 26-Profar TEX, 27-Gennett MIL, 30-Ryu-LAD, 38-Gausman BAL, 39-Wood ATL (2), 43 Bradley Jr BOS (3), 44-Zunino SEA

2013 Bowman Breakouts (BSB)

2013 Bowman Prospects (BP)-These are all true first year cards although Bowman did not put "1st Year" on this year's card front
5-Giolito WAS, 9-Choi SEA, 19-C Kelly STL, 29-E DIaz SEA, 47-M Taylor WAS (2), 52-Picotty STL (2), 60-Ventura KC, 74-Guzman TEX, 100-C Correa HOU, 103-Mondesi KC

2013 Bowman Prospects Ice
6-Salazar CLE, 9-Choi-SEA

2013 Bowman Chrome Prospects (BCP)
6-Salazar CLE, 9-Choi SEA (2), 19-C Kelly STL, 29-E Diaz SEA (2), 38-C Villanueva CHC, 67-Shaw BOS, 74-Guzman TEX (2)

2013 Bowman Chrome RC
29-Miller SEA

2013 Bowman Chrome Refractor RC
14-Colome TB, 30-Ryu LAD

2013 Bowman Chrome Future of the Franchise Mini (FF)
HD-H Dozier KC

2013 Bowman Draft RC
40-Eaton ARI, 84-A Garcia DET, 86-Familia NYM, 88-Gregorius ARI, 215-Machado BAL, 218-Ryu LAD

2013 Bowman Draft Prospects (BDPP)- These are also all true first year cards without the "1st Year" on the front
1-D Smith NYM, 15-C Frazier CLE (2), 16-Renfroe SD (4), 26-J Gray COL (3), 31-R McMahon COL, 32- JP Crawford PHI, 34-C Sisco BAL (2), 49-S Gonsalves MIN, 69-J Martin HOU (2)

2013 Bowman Draft Chrome Prospects (BDPP)
5-A Meadows PIT, 18-Knebel DET, 32-JP Crawford PHI, 34-C Sisco BAL, 69-J Martin PIT,

2013 Bowman Draft Top Prospects (TP)
4-Almora CHI (2), 5-J Gallo TEX (2), 9-Soler CHI (3), 10-Correa HOU, 13-J Pederson LAD, 17-Lindor CLE (4), 20-Springer HOU, 21-Y Ventura KC, 22-Syndergaard NYM, 27-Baez CHI, 31-G Sanchez NYY, 36-Castellanos DET, 40-Bogaerts BOS (3), 42-C Seager LAD (4)

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Top Prospects (TP)
2-Austin NYY, 5-Gallo TEX. 7-Dahl COL, 13-Pederson LAD, 21-Ventura LAD

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Top Prospects Refractor (TP)
18-Vogelbach CHC, 36-Castellanos DET

2013 Bowman Draft Top Prospects Ice (TP)
3-M Williams NYY

2013 Bowman Draft International RC
86-Familia NYM

2013 Bowman Draft Gold RC
217-Holt BOS

2013 Bowman Draft Dual Draftees (DD)
FM- Frazier/Meadows (4), JJ- Judge/Jagielo (4), JC- Judge/Clarkin, BM- K Bryant/ Moran, MM- Meadows/McGuire, BD-Ball/Denney, CJ-Clarkin/Jagielo (2), AG-Appel/Gray

2013 Panini Prizm Top Prospects (TP)
1-Profar TEX, 2-Bundy BAL

2014 Bowman RC
40-Semien CWS (2), 85-Ventura KC (3), 127-Castellanos DET (2), 128-Schoop BAL (2), 132-B Hamilton CIN, 176-J Ramirez CLE (2)

2014 Bowman International
2-G Cole PIT

2014 Bowman Prospects 1st Year (BP)
6-Urias LAD (6), 14-C Taylor SEA, 17-J Abreu CWS, 25-K Bryant CHC, 69-J Hader HOU (2), 73-DeGrom NYM, 85-Mazara TEX, 90-Margot BOS, 109-Betts BOS

2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects 1st Year (BCP)
61-Healy OAK (2), 67-Santander CLE (2), 71-Arcia MIL (2), 73-DeGrom NYM, 85-Mazara TEX, 87-Barreto TOR (2), 99-K Giles PHI (2)

2014 Bowman Chrome Top 100
43-Almora CHC

2014 Bowman Chrome Mini Refractor (BM)
NYY1-G Sanchez NYY, KCR5-H Dozier KC, OA4-Nunez OAK, PP13-A Hansen PIT
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Biggun-Appreciate the reply but I did not see anything for the Yelich Chrome. Thanks!

Woodman-Pm sent, looking forward to your insert list. Thanks!


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Hey Bri. I can use the 2013 bowman chrome Yelich and one of the regular 2013 Bowman Yelich. Are there any specific players, parallels or inserts you would prefer for these?



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Why doesn't that happen to me? I get all the '87,'88,'89 Topps that are not even in good condition, ha ha.... hey friend, I would like to get in line for the 2013 bowman chrome Yelich, let me know if it's available please...

P.S. Let me know if you come across the
JD Martinez 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects 1st Year BCP165
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1996 pinnacle starburst artist proof manny Ramirez #76
1996 upper deck power package Jeff Bagwell #pp7
1996 upper deck power package Gary Sheffield # pp11
1996 stadium club power streak hideo nomo#ps2
1996 studio stained glass hideo nomo #9

Also have these rc’s:
2005 bowman chrome draft tulowitzki
2010 bowman chrome draft Albert Almora purple refractor
2013 topps chrome manny Machado
2014 topps chrome Rougned odor
2009 topps chrome rick Porcello
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Hey Bri. I am cool with that. However, as I look at it, the UD power package is a 1997 set, not 1996. Is this the one you want, or are you looking for 1996 upper deck power driven?



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great. feel free to post it up when you have the chance. I may not be able to ship until Thursday. I will let you know if they go out before.

Thanks for the trade. Seems like its been forever since our last deal.