Got this from my grandfather

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The third guy is Freehan I believe. Not up on my 68 Tigers as well as I used to be. I wouldn't feel comfortable going the TTM route so hopefully the guys will be IP.
Why can't I have your grandfather? Congrats, Lolich is the only one on there I would TTM because he charges ya $10 a pop anyways, and I got Brown TTM but he hasn't really did much lately. Yes the 3rd is Freehan, you are going to have to get thru a signing and even then be prepared for him to sign it in the wrong spot. Off the top of my head I'm not sure on the 4th guy but the last one is Willie Horton who you will have to get thru a signing since he is hit or miss TTM, I'm 0-2 so far.
My best guess is that it could be Norm Cash, which means you couldn't get all five.:( I decided it wasn't Eddie Mathews, Al Kaline, or Denny McClain. I also ruled out Bill Freehan.

Horton did have his signings of his book at Comerica Park throughout the past year, and would charge a small fee if you asked him to sign it from what I heard. He also does have signings in the area now and then (he did Gibraltar in early April)

Freehan will be signing at the Macomb Mall card show Nov. 6 - Nov. 8, but no times or charges have been announced yet. If you are close enough, you might want to get that done.

A nice peace nevertheless.
You got it; Brown, Lolich, Freehan, Stanley & Horton.
I've got these addresses if you want to take a shot - beauty of a picture!

Freehan, Bill – 6999 Indian Garden Road – Petoskey, MI 49770-8708
Stanley, Mickey - 6370 Cunningham Lake Road - Brighton MI 48116-5222
Horton, Willie – c/o Detroit Tigers