Great Day At The Box!

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys.
I had a great return day today. Well first at like 9 this morning my mom texted me in the middle of Geology saying that a package had arrived for me. This never happens so early so I was very surprised. The mailman had a dropped it off on my doorstep in the pouring rain. I was very :mad: but fortunately my mom hadn't left for work yet and took it inside for me before anything was damaged. In this package was a very very generous trade I received from CW13. I was very happy when I found all of this inside.

Aaron Meade customs I made for 50/50

Michael Choice customs I made for 50/50

Toby Harrah, Charlie Hough and Bobby Jones signed cards

Tom Grieve, Dave Schmidt , and Jamie Moyer signed cards

Vance Law, Mike Stanley, and Dwayne Henry signed cards

Brandon McCarthy, Scott Coolbaugh, and Tom Grieve signed sig cards

Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, and Eddie Guardado signed sig cards

Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ron Washington signed sig cards

Dave Hostetler, Pete O'Brien, and Mark McLemore signed sig cards

Jeff Russell and Steve Buechele signed sig cards

Plus a whole lot of other really cool stuff too! Thanx Chris! :D

And then just now when the mail came these were in it:

Bill Virdon 3/2 c/o Home in 17 days (He added his own signed card and sent back my letter too) (17/20 for my Legends set) (added 'NL ROY 55' and '1960 WS Champs' as requested)


Marty Marion 2/2 c/o Home in 17 days (18/20 for my Legends set) (added '1944 MVP' and '8x All Star' as requested)



Thanx for looking!
remember no texting in school, it is bad for you :( but not ttm autos :)
Thanx guys! :D

Lol. I was in a lecture hall with about 150 other students and I sit almost all the way at the top...I don't think he noticed...He was too busy blabbing on about Geological things. Lol.
Nice pick ups
Job well done
Side note the Virdon cards look great but when he was Rookie of the year He played for the Cardnials and not the Pirates
Thanx for the info Chief. I wasn't aware of that but I try to pick the team that the player played longest or most prominantly for. But I appreciate your insight as always! :d

Yeah the Mac was a trade but he works for the Rangers doing their postgame show. He's not very hard to get so maybe I'll get a Mariners card signed by him and then maybe we could work out a trade. PM me if you're interested.