Great Names with Sports Cards


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Here is my collection of guys with interesting or funny names that I have cards of. Anybody want to add a pic to my collection?

Pookie Wilson

Pete LaCock

Razor Shines

Sequoyah Stonecipher

World B. Free

Ten Million

Johnny Dickshot

Bong Puffer (just funnny that they are on the same card)

Chubby Cox

Fair Hooker

Motor Boat Jones

And my all time favorite

Flanky Spoyd


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Actually, that story is about Wonder's grandfather, Wonder Monds Sr. His son, Wonder Monds Jr., played in the NFL for the 49ers and also in the CFL. He was an All-American at Nebraska. Wonder Jr. coached track at Fort Pierce (Fla.) Central and was a football assistant there in the 1970s and '80s. I interviewed him and asked him about the name, and he told the story about his dad. So, the baseball player is Wonder Monds III.


The story goes his mother had 8 girls before him, and when his dad saw that he was a boy, he shouted "Wonderful" "Terrific" and such he was named.