Great Return Today!


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I was very humbled and I couldn't help but smile when I opened my lone SASE today. I just want to thank everyone who helped me with this by suggesting Mr. Miles for my Legends set and giving me the address and everything else. He is truly a great man. This hobby needs a lot more guys just like him.

John "Mule" Miles 6/2 c/o Home in 6 days

Customs for my Legends set

He added the requested inscriptions to the back

Notecards of wisdom that he sent to me

Biographical letter that he also sent

What a great human being! I will gladly take the advice he gave me on those notecards and use it. Like I said I was very humbled that someone could be such a remarkable athlete and still be a great person. We could all learn so much from a man like him.

Thanks for looking!


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wow that is great!
congrats on the return. and those notecards are excellent pieces to add to your collection