Great start to a new project (Baseball Digest Covers)

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Oct 7, 2005
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Northwest Washington
Here is a snippet from my letter to these players to give you some idea of why this project is so exciting to me.
...As a youth in a very small farming community I only had a few ways to connect to the game and get the info that today’s kids take for granted; Radio, Newspaper, This Week in Baseball (with the great Mel Allen), and my favorite, Baseball Digest. I recently discovered that past issues are available on-line for free. I’ve had a great time going back and reading some of the issues that sat on my nightstand as a kid. I’ve started a project to get some copies of the covers of these past issues autographed...

So here we go, these are 3.5 x 5 and printer on thick card stock.

Sal Bando 3/3

Virgil Trucks 4/1, also added some other signed stuff for me.

Vern Law 1/1, left a speech about how too much of his signed stuff is going on ebay and that he normally charges but will sign for me anyway.

Bobby Shantz 1/1

Also got Mariners prospect
Evan Sharpley 1/1
Great project you have going there. Keep up the great job and keep us posted on some you get back
good stuff Ed,I remember buying BD back in the 70's, great project !!!
i have a baseball digest cover signed by harold baines if you would be interested in trading for it.......
Justin Smoak? :) haha I doubt we can get him back from you guys....

Current players autos you have for trade?? You can PM if you want(ill send you a scan of it tomorrow)
lol, I was pretty happy with the trade.

Here is the best I can do for a list right now. If there is nothing you like I might be able to find a few more active players.

Bloomquist, Willie BB Card By Mail 2001 Bowman Black Sharpie Mariners
Corcoran, Roy BB Card By Mail 2005 UD (RC) Black Sharpie Nationals
Eckstein, David BB Card By Mail 2005 Showcase (smudging) Angels
Eckstein, David BB Card By Mail 2006 Bazooka Cardinals
Eveland, Dana BB Card By Mail 2005 Topps Total Black Sharpie Brewers
Franklin, Ryan BB Card By Mail 2004 Fleer Tradition Blue sharpie Mariners
Gonzalez, Mike BB Card By Mail 2008 Topps Heritage Black Sharpie Braves
Gonzalez, Mike BB Card By Mail 2010 Topps Black Sharpie Braves