Great Week!!


Hope all had a great week! We survived the cruise and I had some great successes waiting on me to return. The best one was the best surprise of all. Fellow member Jeremy (jrchoholic83) sent me a 1971 Dave Concepcion RC in super great shape. Thanks so much Jeremy, it wasn't necessary. I was glad my memory worked well enough to remember your search:D . Hope your card turns out great! Best success of all week for sure. Thanks again, much appreciated. Below is the rest of the week and all addresses are in TTM Database. Hope all have a great week! Pat

Bobby Brown
Sent: 11/12/09
1 AL Pres business card signed + 2 PIC's

Jim Wynn
Sent: 11/5/09
'77 Topps x2( I offered 1 but he signed both) personalized

Dan Larson
Sent: 11/5/09
'77 Topps + 2 PIC's + an extra Phillies pic + answered questions.

Bud Selig
Sent: 11/11/09
1 Business card signed

Diego Segui
Sent: 11/13/09
'77 Toppsx3 ( I offered 2 to keep but he signed all) + 1 PIC

Bob Castellini (Reds Pres)
Sent: 11/11/09
1 Business Card signed

Walt Jocketty (Reds GM)
Sent: 11/11/09
1 Business card signed + 1 with a note on the back

Larry Dierker
Sent: 11/5/09
'73 Topps + 1 PIC

Jim Colborn
Sent: 11/9/09
'77 Topps + 2 PIC's

Steve Brye
Sent: 4/3/09 :eek:
'72 Topps RC + 2 PIC's

Hank Foiles
Sent: 11/2/09
ROMLB signed on sweetspot + nice note

Will McEnaney
Sent: 5/5/09 :eek:
ROMLB signed on sweetspot personalized.


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Congrats on the great successes! I'm glad you got the Concepcion, I saw you collected Reds, so I figured I couldn't go wrong with Concepion. I should have the Gibson back pretty soon, thanks again for the heads up!