Gwinnett Braves vs Syracuse Skychiefs

Ellis Shoe

4.90 star(s)
Hey guys, went to visit my cousin in Georgia this weekend and decided to hit a game since she lives only 2-3 miles from the stadium. Graphing here was a lot harder here than at home in MS, but I ended up getting the following:

Alex Romero 3/3
Michael Dunn 2/4
Wes Timmons 1/1
Diory Hernandez 1/1
Luis Bolivar 1/1
Freddie Freeman 1/1
Matt Young 3/3 (2 for a friend)
Todd Redmond 3/3 (2 for a friend)

Craig Stammen 1/1
Leonard Davis 1/1
Kevin Mench 4/4
Shairon Martis (2 for a friend)
Matt Chico 1/1(for a friend)
Justin Maxwell 1/1(for a friend)
Pete Orr 3/3(Braves auto #226)
Collin Balester 5/5 (2 for a friend)
Jerry Browne 1/1