Hall Of 'shame' Collection?!?!?

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Dec 26, 2004
Bemidji, MN
Seems like a good percentage of traders collect Hall of Fame guys. Does anyone (has anyone?) put together a Hall of SHAME collection?? Might be kinda cool. Three guys that, obviously, would qualify are MARK McGWIRE, ROGER CLEMENS and PETE ROSE. If you have other names that, due to indiscretions against the game, deserve consideration please feel free to list your candidate(s).

It would be easy to put up a football Hall of Shame. For baseball though we could put several members of the Black Sox to start out with.
I dont think Pete Rose should be categorized with Steroid Players.
The Reason being is Pete Rose didnt get 4,256 hits on Steroids.
If your going to do a hall of shame on everyone, then you need Arod,
Sheffield, Petitte, Canseco, Palmeiro and the other 100 or so that tested
positive along with what plt cards suggested, some of the blacksox.
Then you could include Pete Rose, Jose Offerman, Doc Gooden,
John Rocker(racist comments)..and last but not least Bud Selig for
stopping an allstar game and calling it a tie (what a loser).
How about Roberto "the spitter" Alomar and Steve "the biter" Garvey
Then we would have to include all players "under suspicion" as well.....hmmm
Orlando Cepeda and Fergie Jenkens- Drugs. Billy Martin- DWI's, fighting with players and fans. Albert Bell- useing corked bats and his teammates that tried to sleal them from the umpires.
Looks like this is going to turn into another pointless debate that is going to take a turn for the worse. Shutting it down before it gets ugly.
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