Hallelujah time......


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This early week brought me some things to sing about, for my '79 collection, Dan Norman signed his Mets RC as well as a '80 RC, Dan Briggs signed & included his '80 card Kiko Garcia signed his and an '85 Topps......
But the thing to really stamp and shout about includes my being a fan of the Swingin' A's in the '70s and I remember the '72 World Series against the Big Red Machine and Cincinnati being the favorites because Reggie was out and out of nowhere comes this guy no one had heard of, see if you can guess who..... he hit no more than 5 HRs all season and yet accounted for 4 HRs in 7 WS games, drove in 9 runs, incidentally none of his team members managed to drive in more than one and on his way to series MVP, received death threats during the series play. Do you remember this guy?
Yep, none other than Gene Tenace "the Menace", he signed my '72, '73 & '74.... this guy just usually does not sign, I've been trying to get him for awhile. What is it about Oregon? A lot of guys there seem to have taken a reclusive stance! Thanks for reading.....


Tenace had one of the best up in the air swings in the '70's. He was a fun player to watch...especially in the '72 World Series. If memory serves, he had exactly 1 hit, or something like that, in the ALCS going into the Series. I'm not checking that out on Wikipedia or baseball-reference.com. I'm going off of memory here. Great stuff! Congrats!