Hank Aaron Auto/gu 25.00!!!

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"Get it now before somebody else does, all for a total of $200.00"

Actually I'd have considered it if the sticker wasn't so awful-looking.
Can they get away with charging that much shipping?? I thought there was a rule on ebay against charging an unreasonable amount for shipping.
Oh well, you can't hold it against a guy trying to save a buck by avoiding ebay fees. $200 is about what those go for but the stickers are always ugly thats why I picked up a 1994 Topps Archives Hank Aaron on card auto.

The trick is you put shipping $5.00 and add a $170.00 handling fee. ;) lol.. you really can't blame him for trying though.. it will be removed by morning probably..

People want the power of ebay's worldwide reach, yet they think that should not come at a cost to them! Same rules for credit cards/PP. People want to open up the payment possibilities, but think they should not have to pay for that service. CASH/MO/Checks only reduces your potential buying audience, but taking credit cards comes at a cost!

Some of the problems with the "small businesses" that are ebay. Want to run with the big boys, but think they shouldn't have to pay to do it.