Hank Aaron autograph baseball question??

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
back in 93 i was in the navy at "A" school in orlando FL and there was a mcdonalds on base. that was the time of the classic 4 sport packs they were doing. anywho bought some while down there and pulled a redemp for a auto hank aaron baseball...prob the best pull still till this day beats and card thats for sure....anyways the question i have is this.... does the value of aarons auto on a baseball effect on what kinda of ball??? this is the old national league ball before the baseballs of today. would the auto be more because it is on a old ball or be the same if he signs todays baseball?? its COA through score or scoreboard. its packed away w/ a bunch of other stuff. so no pic sorry. any input would be great thanks!
I don't think it would affect the price as long as it's on an official ball and not on the MADE IN CHINA stuff.

Only other thing that could bring up the value is an inscription.
understand if not a OMLB but just the year of the ball..... have to find out the year of the ball now lol
you can still buy the old balls...so unless it's an old period specific ball like the red and blue stitched Spauldings or something for a vintage player then I don't think it would add much...maybe a little premium for being an older auto or something of those sorts...there are also a lot of McDonalds collectors out there so you might get a little crossover collection bonus if it was exclusive to McDonalds....my opinion anyway.