happy birthday to me! 2 successes today

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Sep 3, 2009
Turned 19 today! Had 5 classes today though which was kinda lame, not used to having most people not know it's my birthday since it's my first one away from home. Anyway had a good one though! Only thing in my mailbox was a letter from my girlfriend, which was nice. But then I finally got to crack open the care package I got from my parents a few days ago. In it was this beauty:
My 47th Tiger pitcher auto, and a great one at that. This is Mr. Mickey Lolich, generally thought of as a top 5 Tiger pitcher of all time (Morris, Newhouser, McLain, and him are all up there)

This is also my second 8X10 Tiger pitcher auto, besides Justin Thompson. The Lolich came with a COA from Detroit city sports.

Also with my package my dad forwarded some of my mail which included a TTM that I sent back a while ago. Although I do not know the exact date of its return, I'm still excited for this one:
Another Tiger to add to the collection. I wrote to him c/o the Orange County team he manages on 7/29.

Thanks for looking everyone!
Congrats on two things.
First on your collection gains. nice job wewll done
Second Happy Birthday and Hope you had a great day seeing it did come with a couple of additions to your Tigers
Very nice, I took a chance and sent to Nevin two weeks ago. I hope I get it back soon since other people seem to be getting theirs.
Thanks everyone!!

rangersfan: yeah I saw successes that were as fast as ten days so I was starting to get nervous about mine, but it's well worth the wait the sig looks great!