Hard Case for 1955 cards?

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Oct 9, 2008
New Jersey
Hey guys,

I am looking for a case that will hold a Topps 1955 card. I know the modern holders wont work because the cards from that period were larger in dimension (length/width).

Ideally..I want a 4 screw case (not the magnetic snap kind).

Does anyone know what kind of case will hold these size cards? Please send me a LINK TO THE CASE (from the manufacturer site) as well!

Thanks SO much for the help.

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Regular toploaders will hold 50s cards, just not with the 50s softsleeve w/o modifications. I put my 50s cards in toploaders w/o sleeves, except the 55 Bowmans which will nearly fit in regular sleeves
thanks...but i'm looking for a hard case..not toploader...i should have made that more clear.

thanks for the info though!
you can always trim it to fit :)

I have an acrylic one thats about an inch thick that i never used somewhere if you need something like that...its just a slab no area for the card to fit in...so you wouldn't want to screw it down tight...i think they still sell them although they are not the best to store cards in...

You might want to consider just getting it slabbed via PSA or Beckett for long term storage?
haha...should i use an xacto knife or a paper cutter? ;)

yeah...the acrylic slab holders would do it. i'm going to frame them for display...so i guess that would do the trick.