has anybody ever noticed there is alot of stuff of one player?.?.?.

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May 22, 2010
In my collecting time i have seen alot of jersey cards autograph cards ect. of two players... I seem to come across them alot... Those two players are brian roberts and carl crawford... It also seems not to happen with a specific product or category of some sort i just see these players all the time upperdeck fleer topps, high end, mid end, low end, everywhere!

So i was wondering and would like to know, which players you have come across almost everytime while browsing a list of gu and au from our fellow bench members, or going through your gu and au, or browsing anything from ebay to checklists.

Thanks for reading, and post those players!


For a while Rocco Baldelli was in almost every set, I know at one time he had more unique GU'd cards than career Hits. This may still be true I haven't checked in some time.
Pete Mackanin! At one point, I probably had 25 different minor & major league cards of him from the 70s-90s. The man played, managed or coached EVERYWHERE. I never actively sought him out, he just kept showing up. Like in the 80s, when you could still get those cool grab bags at Toys R Us, I ALWAYS got a couple cards of Mickey Hatcher. Topps, Donruss, Leaf, Fleer, OPC, or a sticker...there was always a Hatcher in there.