Have cash, High end Yugioh, 75+ hof autos Looking for topps hof autos


5.00 star(s)
Have $100 cash to help complete a trade. Not straight up buying

Trade wants in order
2013 topps five star / topps heritage autos
Will give $50 cash free towards a trade for FSBA-HA Hank Aaron FSBA-KGR Ken Griffey Jr. FSBA-SK Sandy Koufax FSBA-WMA Willie Mays
Will give $40 cash free towards a trade for topps heritage Hank Aaron, Willie Mays
Will give $20 cash free towards a trade for FSBA-CR Cal Ripken Jr. FSBA-NR Nolan Ryan
Will give $20 cash free towards a trade for nolan ryan topps heritage auto
Will give $10 cash free towards a trade for any sp autograph except FSBA-EL Evan Longoria
Will give $10 cash free towards a trade for any topps heritage auto that averages above $50 sale value unless I am force to use pc cards
Will give $$2 cash free towards a trade for any 2013 topps Five star base, auto, game used I don't have

2014 topps finest greats autos
hof topps sterling autos
Hof autos
trade bait in my favor. Must pay shipping if under $15. Let me know if you agree.
Yiugioh pre 2005. No low end
Pokémon pre 2002. No Low end

Prices not set in stone. Some stuff is borderline pc which is why some have higher prices.

Topps Heritage auto pc

2002 topps heritage Red Schdenddienst $35
2006 topps heritage Duke Snider $65
2012 topps heritage Luis Aparicio $30
2015 topps heritage Steve Carlton $50
2016 topps heritage Phil Niekro $20
2017 topps heritage Steve Carlton $40
2018 topps heritage Orlando Cepeda roa-oc $30
2018 topps heritage Phil Niekro $20
2018 topps heritage Rod Carew $55
2019 topps heritage Bert Blyleven $20
2019 topps heritage Bob Gibson $50
2019 topps heritage Lou Brock $50
2019 topps heritage Rod Carew $45
2019 topps heritage Rollie Fingers $30
2019 topps heritage Tony Perez $35

Topps Sterling auto pc

2008 topps sterling Duke Snider 4ssa-26 7/10 $40
2008 topps sterling eddie murray 3ssa-14 slg 10/10 $50
2008 topps sterling jim palmer 4ssa-89 as'71 3/10 $40
2008 topps sterling jim palmer 4sma-89 4/10 $40
2008 topps sterling robin yount jssa-142 mvp 1/10 $60
2008 topps sterling whitey ford sterling moments 4sma-77 7/10 $60
2008 topps sterling whitey ford sterling moments 4sma-75 8/10 $60
2010 topps sterling dave Winfield career chronicles 4ccar-24 7/10 $50

2013 topps five star pc

Al Kaline 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Blue #25 $40
Fred McGriff 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Blue #25 $30-$40
James Shields 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Blue #25 $10
Juan Marichal 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Blue #25 $30
Orlando Cepeda 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Blue #25 $30
Tim Raines 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Red #20 $30
Dennis Eckersley 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Purple #15 $30
David Freese 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Gold #10 $15
Jim Rice 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Gold #10 $40
Johnny Cueto 2013 Topps Five Star Signings Gold #10 $15
Tim Raines 2013 Topps Five Star Silver Signings Gold #10 $40
Cal Ripken Jr. 2013 Topps Five Star Patch Autographs Gold #10 $250
Chris Sale 2013 Topps Five Star Patch Autograph Gold #10 $60

Top Auto haves

Alan Trammel 2018 Donruss Signature Series
Alfonso Soriano 2008 baseball heroes 36 7/10 patch auto $20
Andre Ethier 2006 ud future stars 78 $6
Andres Galarraga 2017 topps tier one ppa-aga #200 $8
Bob Gibson 2002 finest finest moments autographs fma-bg $35
Bob Gibson 2019 topps museum archival #199 $25
Bobby Doerr 2005 upper deck trilogy generations past pa-bd #199 $10
Brooks Robinson 2003 donruss signature legends of the summer century ls-9 #100 $15
Brooks Robinson 2004 fleer greats gba-br $25
Brooks Robinson 2007 sweet spot classic signatures sps-br #50 $20 chip corners
Cal Ripken Jr 2005 donruss Zenith zb-30 #8 $60 surface damage
Cal Ripken Jr 2008 baseball heroes 15 #10 $100++++
Corey Hart 2008 baseball heroes 46 #5 $25
Corey Hart 2009 ballpark Collection ja-ha $5
Dave Winfield 2006 fleer greats of the game autographics gg-dw
Dennis Eckersley 2008 threads baseball Americana ba-42 #25
Dennis Eckersely Cooperstown Signatures Dennis Eckersley
Dick Groat 2001 golden Anniversary great gaa-dg
Don Larsen 2003 finest moments fma-dl $12
Don Sutton 1998 donruss signature significant signatures 898/2000 $12
Don Sutton 2005 upper deck hall of fame hall worthy hw-ds3 #25
Duke Snider 2013 topps chasing history cha-ds
Eddie Matthews 1998 donruss signature series significant Signatures #2000
Eric Davis Topps Tier One Acclaimed #399 $6
Ernie Banks 1999 hillshire farms home run heroes
Evan Longoria 2008 bowman sterling bs-el
Fergie Jenkins 2011 topps marquee mm-fj #20
Fergie Jenkins 2012 topps five star fsa-fj #208
Frank Robinson 2005 hall of fame Cooperstown calling co-fr1 #10
Frank Robinson 2008 baseball heroes #5 $80-$125
Frank Tanana 2001 topps archives 142
Gary Carter 2003 topps finest finest moments fma-gc
Gary Carter 2013 topps supreme sa-gc #15
Gaylord Perry 2006 ultimate collection ultimate signature patches up-gp #10
Gaylord Perry 201 topps archives fan favorite ffa-gp
Gaylord Perry 2005 sweet spot classic signatures gp
George Bell 2001 topps golden anniversary gaa-gab
Goose Gossage 2002 topps finest moments $10-$15
Greg Maddux 2015 topps tier one toa-gm #30 $80-$100
James Shields 2008 upper deck signatures uda-sh
Jean Segura 2019 topps tier one jean segura prime performers #299
Jim Rice 2014 topps five star fsa-jr #399
Jim Rice 2015 Cooperstown Signatures
Joe Morgan 2003 donruss timeless treasures hof materials hof-32 #25
Johnny Bench 2008 baseball heroes #5 $120-$200
Johnny Podres 2004 fleer greats gba-jp2
Johnny Podres 2004 finest moments fma-jp $5
Jose Canseco 2016 topps gold label glfa-jc $12
Ken Griffey Jr 2008 baseball heroes 47 #75 $100+++
Lou Brock 2014 finest great fga-lb #149 $30+++
Luis Aparicio 2001 upper deck legends legendary lumber sl-la
Luis Aparicio 2002 topps finest finest moments fma-la
Luis Gonzalez Topps Museum Collection Archival Autographs aalg #125 $8
Matt Garza 2006 bowman chrome refractor bc235 #500
Matt Williams 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Autographs pog-64
Matt Williams 2013 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autographs #MWI
Moose Skowron 2002 topps super team $5-$8
Nolan ryan 2008 baseball heroes damage corner 35 #25
Orlando Cepeda 2004 topps finest finest moments fma-oc
Paul Molitor 2005 Playoff Absolute Mem. Marks of Fame MF-66 #50
Paul Molitor 2005 Ultimate Signatures Signature Decades sd-pm
Paul Molitor 2012 topps five star autograph relic fsar-pm #55
Paul Molitor 2016 topps legacies tradition tra-pm #99
Phil Niekro 2014 topps five star fsa-pn #299
Phil Niekro 2000 upper deck legendary signatures s-pn
Red Schoendienst 2011 topps marquee monumental markings mm-red #75\
Reggie Jackson 2018 topps tier one #50 $50
Roger Clemens matt mooris 1998 stadium club cosigners cs33
Ryan Braun 2007 bowman sterling bs-rb
Ryan Zimmerman 2007 topps highlights $5
Tom Glavine 2016 topps legacies la-tg #99
Tony Gwynn 2007 ud premier preeminence #50 $80-$120
Tony Perez 2003 Donruss Signature Series Legends of the Summer century LS-39 #100
Tony Perez 2005 ultimate signature decades sd-tp
Troy Tulowitzki Bowman Orange 222 #250
Vladimir Guerrero 1999 century legends epic signatures vg $25
Warren Spahn 1999 ud retro sign of the times ws less than 1/2 inch creased.


Tom Glavine 2004 fleer ultra Turn back the clock tbc-tg #29 3 colors
Tony Gwynn 2005 sweet spot sweet threads st-gw #35 3 colors four color break

Topps tribute autos for trade

2009 topps tribute Duke Snider tdar-ds #99 $20
2009 topps tribute Gary Carter tdar-gc #50 $40
2009 topps tribute Dustin Pedroia tar-dp3 #50 $25
2009 topps tribute Ryan Howard ttar-rh #50 $20
2010 topps tribute Clayton Kershaw tar-ck3 #75 $60
2010 topps tribute curt schilling tar-cs #99 $20
2010 topps tribute Andre Dawson tar-ad2 #75 $15
2011 topps tribute Andre Dawson tar-ad1 #99 $15
2011 topps tribute Gary Carter tar-gc1 #99 $35
2011 topps tribute Mike Stanton tar-ms1 #99 $50
2011 topps tribute Orlando Cepeeda tar-oc2 #99 $15
2011 topps tribute Ralph Kiner tar-rk1 #99 $15
2011 topps tribute Whitey Ford tadr-wf #99 $40 (Dual Relic)
2011 topps tribute Ryan Howard tatr-rh $20-$30 (Triple Relic)
2013 topps tribute Jered Weaver ta-jw3 purple 1 of 1 $40
2014 topps tribute Chris Sale #50 $15
2014 topps tribute Chris Sale tribute traditions #99 $15
2014 topps tribute Paul Goldschmidt tt-pg tribute traditions #99 $30
2014 topps tribute C.J. Wilson ta-cw1 black 1 of 1 $40
2014 topps tribute Jim Rice tt-jr tribute traditions #40/#40 $20
2014 topps tribute George Kell tribute to the stars #24 $30
2016 topps tribute Jim Rice ta-jr1 #150 $10
2016 topps tribute Jim Rice ta-jr1 #99 $10
2016 topps tribute Tom Glavine rightful recognition now-tg #99 $20
2016 topps tribute Al Kaline rightful recognition now-ak #25 $40
2016 topps tribute Craig Biggio Foundations of greatness #25 $40
2017 topps tribute Al Kaline ttm-ak #50 $25


Tournament Pack 1 Mechanicalchaser
Tournament Pack 1 Axe Raider
Tournament Pack 1 Patrol Robo
Tournament Pack 1 Kwagar Hercules
Tournament Pack 1 White Hole
Tournament Pack 2 Dragon Seeker
Tournament Pack 2 Exiled of The Wicked
Tournament Pack 2 Call of the grave
Tournament Pack 2 Giant Red Seasnake
Tournament Pack 3 Needle Worm
Tournament Pack 3 Mechanicalchaser
Tournament Pack 3 Horn of Heaven
Tournament Pack 3 Anti Raigeki
Tournament Pack 3 B. Skull Dragon
Tournament Pack 4 Royal Decree x2
Tournament Pack 4 The Fiend Megacyber
Tournament Pack 4 Morphing Jar
Tournament Pack 4 Megamorph
Tournament Pack 4 Chain Destruction
Tournament Pack 5 Luminous Soldier
Tournament Pack 5 Luster Dragon
Tournament Pack 5 Big Shield Gardna x2
Tournament Pack 5 Needle Worm x2
Tournament Pack 5 Magical Thorn
Tournament Pack 6 Toon Cannon Soldier
Tournament Pack 6 Restructer Revolution
Tournament Pack 6 Toon Table of Contents
Tournament Pack 6 Fusion Sage
Tournament Pack 7 D.D. Warrior
Tournament Pack 7 Breaker The Magical Warrior x3
Tournament Pack 7 Luminous Soldier
Tournament Pack 7 Fortress Whale
Tournament Pack 7 Warrior Elimination
Tournament Pack 8 Magical Arm Shield
Tournament Pack 8 Slate Warrior
Tournament Pack 8 Dunames Dark Witch
Tournament Pack 8 Garma Sword
Tournament Pack 8 Harpie's Feather Duster
Champion Pack 1 Satellite Cannon
Champion Pack 1 Metamorphosis
Champion Pack 1 Sakuretsu Armor
Champion Pack 1 Night Assailant
Champion Pack 2 Magical Stone Excavation
Champion Pack 2 Nimble Momonga
Champion Pack 2 Magician of Faith x2
Champion Pack 2 Smashing Ground
Champion Pack 3 Magicians Unite
Champion Pack 3 Gravekeeper's Spy
Champion Pack 3 Spirit Reaper
Champion Pack 3 Dark World Lighting
Champion Pack 4 Gernia
Champion Pack 4 Hydrogeddon
Champion Pack 4 Ultimate Offering
Champion Pack 5 Fiend's Sanctuary x2
Champion Pack 5 Magical Merchant
Champion Pack 5 Wave-Motion Cannon
Champion Pack 5 Trap Dustshoot
Champion Pack 6 Rigorous Reaver
Champion Pack 6 Old Vindictive Magfician
Champion Pack 6 Destiny Hero - Fear Monger
Champion Pack 6 Blasé Accelerator
Champion Pack 7 Threatening Roar

Ultimate rare

Fotb Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus ultimate rare 2x firist edition 1x unlimited
Fet Granmarg the Rock Monarch ultimate rare 2x first edition 1x unlimited
Soi Demise, King of Armageddon ultimate rare 3x first edition
Crv Cyber Dragon ultimate rare 1st edition
Sod Mobius The frost Monarch ultimate rare 1st edition
soi Treeborn frog ultimate rare x2
Potd Chimeratech Overdragon ultimate rare 1st edition
Crv Cyber End Dragon ultimate rare 1st edition
Een Pot of Avarice ultimate rare 1st edition
Fet Lightning Vortex ultimate rare 1st edition
Een Elemental Hero Bladedge 1st edition
een Elemental hero Rampart Blaster 1st edition
een Elemental Hero Wildedge 1st edition
een Elemental Hero Wild Wingman 1st edition
potd Elemental Hero Dark Neos 1st edition
Potd Elemental Hero Flare Neos 1st edition
Potd Elemental Hero Aqua Neos 1st edition
Ston Elemental Hero Air Neos 1st edition
Ston Elemental Hero Grand Neos 1st edition
Soj Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder 1st edition
Soi Raviel, Lord of Phantasms 1st edition

Secret Rare

Lon-000 Gemini Elf
Dcr-000 Vampire Lord 1st edition
Dcr-105 Judgement of Anubis 1st edition
Mfc-107 Diffusion Wave-Motion
Ioc-111 Invader of Darkness
Ast-111 Mazera DeVille
Ast-000 The End of Anubis
Ioc Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 1x first edition 1x unlimited
Ston-64 Freya, Spirit of Victory 1st edition
Ston-066 Radiant Jeral 1st edition
Ston-000 Grandmaster of the six samurai 1st edition
Ston-063 Harvest Angel of Wisdom 1st edition
Ston-065 Nova Summoner
Ston-061 Neo-Parshath, GThe Sky Paladin
Ston-062 Meltiel, Sage of The Sky 1st edition
Ston-068 Aegis of Gaia 1st edition
Fotb-063 Diabolos, King of the Abyss 1st edition
Fotb Lich, Lord, King of the Underworld 1st edition
Fotb Prometheus King of the Shadows 1st edition
Fotb Plague Wolf 1st edition
Fotb Volcanic Rocket 1st edition
Fotb Sword of Dark Rites 1st edition
Fotb Recurring Nightmare 1st edition
Taev Gemini Summoner 1st edition
Taev Rainbow Dragon 1st edition
Taev Frost and Flame Dragon
Taev Mormolith 1st edition
Taev Cranium Fish 1st edition
Taev Vennominaga The Deity of Poisonous Snakes 1st edition
Taev Abyssal Kingshark 1st edition
Taev Elemental Hero Magma Neos 1st edition
Glas Skreech 1st edition
Glas Tongue Twister 1st edition
Glas Gladiator Beast Octavius 1st edition
Glas Royal Firestorm Guards 1st edition
Glas Dragon Ice 1st edition
Glas Gil Garth 1st edition
Glas Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union 1st edition
Glas Elemental Hero Plasma Vice 1st edition
Glas Elemental Hero Chaos Neos 1st edition
Glas Veil of Darkness 1st edition
Ptdn Rainbow Dark Dragon 1st edition
Ptdn Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare 1st edition
Ptdn Dark Red Enchanter 1st edition
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