have low end-autos to trade

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I have the following low-end autos to trade. If any of them interest you, please message me.
2000-2001 Be a Player
38-Kevyn Adams 40-Glen Murray 123-Jere Lehtinen 229-Petr Schastlivy
1996-97 Pinnacle Be a Player
17-Jamie Baker 67-Johan Garpenlov
1997-98 Be a Player
1-Jason Marshall 216-Chris Dingman
1997-1998 Pinnacle Be a Player Die-Cut
131-Daniel McGillis 139-Steve Washburn
1994 Signature Rookies
11-Jason Holland 13-Jason Podollan 22-Daymond Langkow 23-Kelly Fairchild 28-Stefan Ustorf 33-Nikolai Tsulygin 34-Paul Vincent 48-Corey Nielson 54-Dave Scatchard 55-Sebastien Vallee 59-Sylvain Blouin 61-Tim Findlay 67-Joe Dziedzic 68-Valentin Morozov
1994-5 Classic Hockey
Brian Savage