heading west 5050's

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Jan 26, 2007
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Heading on a wilderness volunteers camp or whatever to montana next week and I am gonna be hitting up 2 games. Here are the teams I can 5050,willing to take coaches, and players.
I know evan frederickson has some bowman cards out right now.
Post or pm me if u need stuff done.

Nothing I need, but if you decide to pick up an Ogden Raptors team set (not sure if they are H/A when you see them), most of the players next stop will be where I'm at. A good chance to get them done 50/50 with me next year.

Just saying...
Hot damn; a guy I need. Jason Hardtke is the Osprey hitting coach. 50/50 okay? If so, I'll post it and print up some customs.

Hilarious also that there's a pitcher (on the Owlz) named Mike Piazza who wears #31. Love it.
Enjoy Montana, it's great to visit, but not to live! Maybe I'll see you at a game if your near Helena.
i have some logan bawcom customs i need signed...he is on ogden roster...will 50/50 him and damon berryhill too if possible
Enjoy Montana, it's great to visit, but not to live! Maybe I'll see you at a game if your near Helena.
Yeah I am going to the missoula game on Saturday the 17th (almost sure thats they day) to get the snuggie,then I am going to Helenda the next day.
also Tigs I will not be at ogden stadium So I wont be able to get there team sets...
I must have your stuff by tomorrow,Right now I have only recieved metrotheme's stuff. I am leaving early wednesday morning so If I do not get your stuff by tomorrow then It will be sitting at the PO until I get back and have time to sift through everything.
I recieved metrotheme's and CW13 today,and I didnt get anyone elses stuff.
If you sent but I have not recieved I will be sending them back when I return from montana
I got all the berryhills done unfortunatele idk which cards go back to who pm me what yrs and brands i am supposed to send back....ik which ones r mine i mixed up the others
pm sent...

that dodgers team(ogden) has some interesting guys...leon landry and blake dean from LSU..tolleson from baylor and garrett gould is a kid with a pretty decent arm.