Hello from Mike D. in RI

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Mike D.

Feb 6, 2010
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Warwick, RI
Hello all! New to the Bench and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mike D. and I live in Rhode Island. I've been collecting for over 20 years, and am looking forward to making some trades!

I collect mostly pre-1970 rookies and stars, autographs, and current Red Sox prospects.

I'm also a active TTM autograph collector (500+ requests sent per year) and am often looking for pre-1970 commons lots in EX or better condition for TTM purposes.

I'll get a list together of my trade items over the next few days and get them posted.

Looking forward to talking cards and trading with you all in the future!
Hey Mike. Welcome to The Bench. Good luck with your TTM's. We have a very extensive database in the blue toolbar that you would be interested in. We have a large community of TTMers here who have contributed to the database.

Also take a few minutes and read the FAQ so that you can get acquainted with our site rules.

Good luck with your collection and I hope to see you around.


Welcome aboard
You will enjoy it here on "THE PINE"
So let the tradin begin

If you play golf we have a golf tournament in july for Bench memebers , There is a thread telling you all about it
Welcome to the bench.

I have some 50's & 60's commons and RC's to trade. Check my www and LMK if you have anything I need.

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I have gotten a trade page posted, check it out:

Mike D's Trade Page

I hope to add more cards to it as time permits. In the meantime, check it out and maybe we can make a trade!