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Apr 8, 2008
My account has been acting weird today.... I changed my email address in my profile earlier today, because I wanted to change it to the one linked to my new iphone because that is the one i will check most often... Now it is acting like i have a new account and im a new member... I had to wait several hours for my account to be reactivated before i could even make a post... Now my avatar says "New Trader, Must Send First".... I've been a member here for 2 years, i've made 75 trades (with 2 more in the trade manager right now) with a 5.0 trader rating and have over 1,000 post so I'm assuming this is some sort of computer glitch that is making the system think I registered as a completely new member when I just changed my e mail address... Can someone help me fix this?

Thanks for any help!
Hi Nate,

When you changed your email address, the system automatically thinks you are a new trader. It is a system default to protect the account. Once Mark Wing sees this thread, I am sure he will take a look at the system and make a correction.

Just hang tight and we will get this adjusted.