Help me price these 11x16 autos (Mantle, Dimaggio, Musial)


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Hello these were just donated to the club for our fund raising auction. Since I'm the baseball guy I was asked to find the retail value of them, NOT WHAT THEY WOULD GO FOR ON EBAY but what you might see at your local card shop or an on line store.

Here is ALL the information I have.

Mickey Mantel autographed limited edition photo # 71 of 536. It includes a photo of him signing it in front of a notary
Signature date: 8-16-91
Westchester County, NY

Stan Musial
# 50 of 1,000
No date on the signature, but there’s a Cert of Auth that includes Lifetime Achievements

Joe DiMaggio
# 1154 of 1941
Signature date: 5-8-90
Includes a photo of him signing in front of a notary.

Thanks in advace, if you have links that helps.