Here beginneth Los Box Breaks el Bizzaro

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There are two Tuffy Rhodes stickers in this set, so I happened to catch the box on Yahoo Auction Japan.

I opened 30 packs, 300 stickers and NOT A SINGLE TUFFY RHODES!
NO WAY!!! How big is the set? Cool looking stickers by the way!


The base set is just 204. In each pack, in addition to the 9 regular stickers, you'd get either 1 puzzle sticker (108 total, 12 9-sticker puzzles), 1 Star Player (out of a 12 sticker set) or 1 Leading Player (out of a 24 sticker set). So in 300 chances out of a total of 348 different possible stickers, I didn't get either of the Tuffy Rhodes stickers.
Some where west of California? Your flying or on a ship? Checked out a few of links. Super pictures of the Matsui Museum by your friend. Best regards, David
2000 Future Bee Power League UL box break

Having wrapped up the Epoch box and taken a slight rest, I've set in on my next specimen: 2000 Future Bee Power League UL. This box is basically the booster packs for the main 2000 Power League Dream Stadium set (coming later).

The set contains 195 base cards and three un-numbered checklists. There are also two insert sets, the 25-card league leaders set and the 36-card Super Rare set. The box contains 20 packs and 1 Super Rare card. Each pack contains 7 cards, which includes 5 base, one insert and an action card for playing the game.

I actually picked up 4 of these booster boxes, but I doubt I'll have the stamina to post a break for each one. This time around, though, I'll be bouncing back and forth between the break and my regular player collection posts, to keep from getting bored.

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