Here is a list of NBA players i am looking for


I collect these players Basketball-
Lebron James
Dwayne Wade
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Durant
Russel Westbrook
Blake Griffin
Michael Jordan
MN Timberwolves-Ricky Rubio,Kevin garnett,Nickola Pekovic, Andrew Wiggins, Zach Lavine, Carl Anthony Towns
Damian Lillard
Jabari Parker
Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson
Anthony Davis
will trade most all other players for these i have 100,000 fb,basketball,baseball lmk who you collect


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I have these for Kevin Garnett:

1995-96 4 Fleer Metal Tempered Steel Kevin Garnett
1995-96 167 Fleer Metal Kevin Garnett RC
1995-96 343 Stadium Club Kevin Garnett RC
1995-96 293 Fleer Kevin Garnett RC
1996-97 31 SPx Kevin Garnett
1996-97 233 Skybox Kevin Garnett RC
1996-97 269 Fleer Kevin Garnett
1996-97 66 Finest Kevin Garnett
1997-98 5 Upper Deck Memorable Moments Kevin Garnett
1997-98 61 Finest Kevin Garnett
1998-99 72G Ultra Gold Medallion Kevin Garnett
1998-99 SB12 Topps Season's Best Kevin Garnett
1998-99 25 SPx Kevin Garnett
1998-99 34 Upper Deck Hardcourt Kevin Garnett
1999-00 HR3 Topps Chrome Highlight Reels Kevin Garnett
1999-00 7NP Hoops Name Plates Kevin Garnett
2000-01 CS1 Upper Deck Ovation Center Stage Kevin Garnett
2000-01 M9 Upper Deck MVP MVP Theatre Kevin Garnett
2000-01 32 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory Kevin Garnett
2001-02 PS10 Upper Deck Powerful Stuff Kevin Garnett
2001-02 21 Topps Chrome Kevin Garnett
2001-02 NA3 Ex Net Assets Kevin Garnett
2002-03 R2 Upper Deck MVP Rising To The Occasion Kevin Garnett
2003-04 JC7 Topps Justice Of The Court Kevin Garnett
2004-05 209 Fleer Tradition Kevin Garnett
2005-06 86 Finest Kevin Garnett
2006-07 48 Topps Turkey Red Kevin Garnett
2007-08 OTG4 Topps Own The Game Kevin Garnett

Let me know if you need any of these. Looking to trade for baseball.



Amazin' Mets

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Do you collect KG only in a t-wolves uniform? That will help me pull out the cards for you. I have some of the other players mentioned. I'm looking for rookies in each sport. I mainly collect baseball, especially sets, inserts. mets and so on. Check out my sig for more.