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Here;s My Last XMAS Gift Which I will do Saturday 6 AM till 8.O Clock Sat Night EST

Polar Bear 67

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I will post this one in the morning and it will be a 1 thru 50 and u will receive a game worn Dave Parker Game JSY from the Bear and my Buddy Sambo both of us Vets and Loyal to ur Country ,
Want to make a very happy Xmas for one of u.
Happy Holiday Bear and Sambo


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Thanks so much for this Bear!

Thank you for your service, where did you serve?

I am currently 1 year away from retirement myself. Always happy to meet another military member!

I’ll take #17 if I can.

Awesome gesture and happy holidays!


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Good morning, Bear! Hope everything is going well for you and your family. Thank you for your service and dedication to our country.
We've shared in the past that one of the most moving moments in my life was spent talking to Vets at the Vietnam War Memorial in DC. Sponsored a group of HS students on a field trip and the Vet we were talking to cried and was thanking me for bringing the kids to see the memorial. ( I believe I shed a few tears also)

Done rambling. Thanks for the contest - the wife just hollered and said try #37 .
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