Review Heritage Archives Baseball


5.00 star(s)
Heritage Archives Baseball​

8 cards per pack -- 24 packs
2 On-Card Autos per box!

I received these:

175 unique base cards of the set of 300 - very good!

Heritage Archives is a baseball history issue. There are nearly as many vets/retired/historical players as there are current day players in the set. Koufax, Thomas, Gehrig, Rivera, Musial, and the list goes on. The cards are printed on thin stock and are therefore sensitive if one is wanting to get one graded - otherwise, they are old school cards - cool! The set is collated in 3 groups of 100 making it easy to sort. This is an excellent set for the set builder, for the younger collector to get started collecting and learning about the game and it's rich history.



Silver #ed to 199 - Braun
Gold #ed to 50 - Wilson

'90 Style

5 - Walker, Fernandez, Mauer, Bruce, Herrera


Hoover // Ford

Game Card / Ferrell / Original

4 Game cards / 1 Ferrell / 1 Topps Original

On Card Autos

'Inky' - Pete Incaviglia
J. T. Snow

Both autos - excellent - blue Sharpee on card - well done!!


Other inserts - 99% of which I have not seen -- cards with numbers higher than 300 - must be SSP's, redemption autos, and Will Ferrell autos (I have been told that these are on the 'bay with bids that are thru the roof!) The Ferrell insert set is a 10 card set. One can also find 'no name' cards in the fashion of the famous 'no name Frank Thomas' card - I have been told that these are really not that hard to come by.... I ain't got one - dang it!

This is a good issue for the player collector to add more current cards to their player collection. One will have several parallels to chase for each base card... go get 'em!

Overall grade A+ excellent issue for the set builder.

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays parallels to me!