Hey BOSOX FANS- FT- 2015 Matt Barnes #335 BLACK


5.00 star(s)
#335 Black Border Matt Barnes ser#/64 FT($10). Looking for 2015 Mets help:

2015 TOPPS Mets Wants
Sparkle SP- 83wright, 149murphy
Gold- 83wright, 133diceK, 149murph, 241herrera, 244colon, 263gee, 313lg leaders
Rainbow Foil- 83wright, 129degrom, 149murph, 199young, 237duda, 241herrera, 263gee, 306lagares.
Purple Toys-R-Us- 4 24 83 129 133 149 166 173 199 236 237 241 244 263 306 313

First Home Run- Silver- 03wright

Autos & Relics (LP)-
First HR Auto Relic- FHRAR-DW Wright. Relic- DW Wright
In The Name Relics- INT-DMU Murphy
Career High Relics- CRH-DW Wright
Archetypes Relic- AR-MP Piazza Auto- AA-MP Piazza. Auto Relic- AAR-MP Piazza
Gallery of Greats Relic- GGR-MP Piazza, Auto- GGA-MP Piazza. Auto Relic- GGAR-MP
Strata Auto/Relic- SSR-MP Piazza
Career High Auto- CH-JD deGrom, JLlagares
Birth Year Coins Au- BYCA-DW Wright, MP Piazza Coin & Stamp- CS-13 Piazza, 25 Wright
Baseball History Stamps- BH-DS Strawberry, TS Seaver
Baseball History Cut Sigs- BHCS-DS Strawberry, TS Seaver

Thanks, Mike