Hi everybody!


Hi I am new to this site although I have been checking it out for awhile. I really like the TTM section I just wish there were more addresses in the database. How do you guys find your addresses?

Well anyways a bit about me. I just started collecting cards again. I have been buying random assortment card packs and those from dollar stores. I have found that I enjoy older cards from the 90's when I grew up. I love the Reds so I am looking to collect those along with cool inserts. I really think I am getting more enjoyment out of non-sports cards however. I have some Indiana Jones cards , Ninja turtles cards and Olympic cards that I find really interesting.

For baseball cards I am looking to collect all the 2009 goudey cards as I really like that card design. I am amassing cards quickly and finding it a challenge on how to organize my cards. I don't know if i should do it by team or by product. Some of the cards I would love to sell but don't have any experience selling cards online or through a card shop the later which I would prefer. If you can offer any tips please let me know.


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You came to the right Place. You said the most important thing "I enjoy".
You will get alot of help here as even if you have been around a little while there is alot of people here with unbelievable knowledge willing to help.

All the Best