Hockey Card Mission!

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easy mike

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Feb 24, 2010
athol, ma
Not sure where to put this but I will start here. I collect no Hockey< but being a card guy. The Athol, Ma. Library inherited a load of hockey cards & sets and would like me to give them an Idea what they are worth. They would like to put them out with the annual book sale Sept 17th, but if anyone wanted to look at some and make an offer before then would be great. I haven't found any fortunes yet but found some nice cards.
1980 Ray Bourque RC
1993 UD Heroes Gretzky 10 card set
1992 UD Heroes Howe 10 card set

any many sets too many to list and I only went thru 2 boxes. If you are within traveling distance and want to check out some cards I'm sure the Library will cut some great deals. If you are interested PM me or email me at [email protected] for more info. There is also a ton of Baseball & Football which Haven't put a dent in yet. Thanks, Mike
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Went thru a lot more this morning and there are lot of Sets & Sub Sets 1990 thru 1994 all in mint condition and some are in sealed boxes never opened. For some reason the collector put alot of his small sets individually in screw downs??? Also a couple of full 1990 boxes of 36 pack per box with old price of .50 on them. That was good for a laugh.
Found these gems
1990 Opee-Chee Central Red Army22 Card Set
1993 Upper Deck Hockey Heroes (Wayne Gretzky) 9 card set plus Header Card.
1990 Score Premium Complete Set (Sealed)
1990 Score Rookie & Traded110 Card Set (sealed)
1991 Score Rookie & Traded 110 Card Set (sealed)
1991/92 UD Hockey Heroes Brett Hull #s 5 6 7 8 9
1991/92 UD High Series 200 Card Set (sealed)
The Athol Public Library will have a nice hockey display.

If anyone is interested in checking these out and probably buying. I volunteer at the library and can make it happen. Mike
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Also does anyone out there have an old Hockey Beckett they want to donate lmk, I can't find one in the town of Athol. If so I will try to hit something on you Baseball want list if I can. Thanks, Mike
The sale starts at 9:30 Saturday morning at the Athol Library. Some real nice Hockey cards. also some Baseball & Football. So if you are within driving distance it will be worth your time. Thanks, Mike