Hodgepodge of misc baseball cards I can use. No trade too small!


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I'm interested in those '89 Griffey cards you listed, or are they part of your want list?
Please clarify, not sure where your want list ends. Thanks, Rooster.

I have these:
SI for Kids (perforated)
1998 S.Illust #685 -Frank Thomas
1998 Sports Illustrated #695 For Kids -Tony Gwynn
1998 SportsIllus #697 -Mike Piazza


HR ALL-STARS -HA6 A.Belle, HA7 D.Justice.

Denny's Grandslam 1991(hologram) 4E.Davis 10of26McGwire
Denny's Grand Slam 1992(hologram): Fred McGriff 3of26, Paul O'Neill 11/26, Jay Buhner 23/26, Rueben Sierra 25/26.
Denny's Grand Slam 1993(hologram): Chili Davis 1of28/ Eric Anthony 2of28/ Rickey Henderson 3 of 28/ Joe Carter 4of28/ Terry Pendleton 5of28/ Yount 6of28/ Darryl Strawberry 9of28(EX) Marquis Grissom 10of28/ Albert Belle 12of28/ Benito Santiago 14of28/ Eddie Murray 15 of 28/ Juan Gonzalez 20of28/ John Valentin 21 of 28/ Dante Bichette 23of28/ Wally Joyner 24of28/ Cecil Fielder 25of28/ Robin Ventura 27of28/ Danny Tartabull 28 of 28.

DENNY’S (hologram)1994 -2 R.Alomar 6Clemens 13J.Gonzalez 14Gwynn 17of28David Justice

Denny's (hologram)1995: 9of28 A.Galarraga.
Denny's (hologram)1996: G.Maddux 1, A.Belle 4, J.Bagwell 6, H.Nomo 10, W.Boggs 14, Tony Gwynn 15, J.Isringhausen 17, C.Fielder 18, D.Bichette 19, Ozzie Smith 20, K.Appier 22, J.Carter 23, McGwire25 D.Daulton 27of28.


1972 -9 Vida Blue -cracks across top and bottom

1976 -4 Randy Jones -no cracks 18 Luzinski -small crack right edge 45 J.Orta -circular crack on right edge 57 Ted Simmons -multiple cracks on left & right edges w/ two squiggly cracks across the card.

1978 -19 Ellis Valentine -cracks across top middle & bottom 53 Blyleven -cracks across top and middle

1979 -9 Eckersley -no cracks 13 Carew -no cracks/ 21 D.Parker -no cracks/ 27 Zahn -no cracks/ 32 G.Foster -squiggly crack across the top 44 Bowa -no cracks/ 49 G.Perry -no cracks 50 Brett -no cracks/ 54 R.Howell -no cracks/

1980 44 Jim Rice -no cracks + 26 Reggie Jackson -cracks horizontally top middle and bottom

1981 -8 G.Brett -no cracks 63 P.Rose -no cracks

1983 -36 D.Stieb -no cracks

1991 -Cornflakes Baseball Greats 7of15 Rollie Fingers.


1986 Sportsflics

Sportsflics 1986 -1Brett 12Valensuela 46Sutcliffe 76Barfield 94J.Samuel 96Stieb 117J.Morris 118Quisenberry 120Bryn Smith 126Tri-Stars 136D.Gooden/Tri-Stars 145E.Murray/Tri-Stars 154B.Dowining 158B.James 162M.Moore 168M.Soto 179Big6 189D.Evans 195M.Scott

Best of the '70s #62Fisk

Best of the '80s #65Mattingly 68 Boggs 69RickyH. 117Gwynn

Decade Greats #47Yaz 55Scmidt 70E.Murray 74Winfield

1987 Sportsflics

Rookies 1986 -10D.Plesac/Brewers 29B.Ruffin/Phillies

#1Mattingly 2Boggs 4RickyH. 5Brett 6E.Murray 25P.Rose 28Seaver 30Scmidt 31Gwynn 41Winfield 44ReggieJ. 54Molitor 79Ozzie/Tri-Stars 80Tri-Stars 90 J.Canseco 111 Clemens 114 Boggs 115Scmidt /Tri-Stars 139Dawson 140Fisk 142Ozzie 156Scmidt /Tri-Stars 157RickyH/Tri-Stars 159Mattingly #188 Alan Trammell 198RickyH/Tri-Stars

(Big 6) 75Mattingly (Best in Baseball) 196Clemens 197Gwynn (Big Six)

Team Preview

-6Phillies/Scmidt 9Red Sox/Clemens 12Cards/Ozzie 13Royals 16Padres 19Brewers/Molitor

1988 Sportsflics

#34 Yount 43Fisk 59E.Murray

1989 Sportsflics:

1 J.Canseco 62J.Lind 92C.Hough 99T.Pendleton.

1990 Sportsflics

20ARod 113Sid Fernandez 126Candiotti 136Butler 173Magadan 183Molitor 189D.Murphy 224T.Greene

1994 Sportflics holograms– 2M.Stanley 27R.Wilkins 33O.Guillen 35J.Gonzalez 36W.Cordero 38M.Langston 40 J.Jaha, 57 D.Hamilton, 59 B.Williams, 62 J.Conine, 65 R.Lankford, 68J.Bere 85D.Palmer. 86R.Clayton 90R.Gant 104 T.Henke, 105 B.Jordon, 107 C.Eldred 114 C.Hoiles, 115 E.Martinez, 117 T.Ziele, 119 C.Curtis 120M.Grace 125O.Hershiser 140B.Gilkey 163S.Karsay 165M.Newfieldm 182J.Gonzalez 188J.Bell(Starflics).

1994 Sportflics Rookie -119S.Royer.

1995 Sportsflics:

#8Maddux #14 -A.Belle 121McGwire

Hammer Team #HT14 F. McGriff

Cyclone Squad #CS 9 J.Canseco

UC3 #30W.Boggs 58 -A.Belle, #82 I.Rodriguez, #90 L.Walker

1996 Sportsflics- 6Puckett 8Maddux 34J.T. Snow 35R.Sanders 73R.Alomar 136M.Lawton RC

Stadium Club

1999 Stadium Club VR1 Mark McGwire Video Reply hologram insert

Upper Deck


1992 MVP series -44C.Ripken 92 N.Ryan

1993 Then & Now TN17 Mickey Mantle.

2013 Topps Chipz derek jeter

Minis current Indians
TOPPS Allen & Ginter 2019 -237C.Santana

Base and inserts from current Indians

2014 Topps Chrome #45 Jose Ramirez RC
2015 Bowman Prospects yellow BP43 FRANCISCO MEJIA
2015 Bowman Chrome Prospects 1st BCP11 Giovanny Urshela
2016 BOWMAN’S BEST #55 Tyler Naquin RC
2016 BOWMAN CHROME Draft BDC 161 Francisco Mejia
2018 Topps Allen & Ginter #114 Jim Thome
2018 Topps #244 Francisco Mejia RC
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