HOF'er + All-Stars IP Last night

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5.00 star(s)
Aug 5, 2007
New York
Whitey Ford - 1/1 - ROMLB w/ HOF inscription
Tino Martinez - 1/1
Darryl Strawberry - 1/1
Bernie Williams - 0/1 - I was probably the only person who asked him for a signature and said "I'm not here for that." Every other ballplayer signed that night that I saw except him.
Why does Bernie Williams have to be like that :(
I saw him here in Puerto Rico and he wouldn't sign for us neither.
thats awesome!!congrats. did you get tino and darryl on cards i take it?

that's strange that bernie had to be a D about it...sounds like a great time
What would you expect from Bernie? Wearing those pinstripes for so long will make you think you're a whole lot better than you really are. He always seemed cocky to me - can't stand the guy...congrats on all the others though!
Man, Bernie is a turn-sandwich!
You should have made fun of his "Grandpa's guitars"

"What is acoustic? Oh, you mean a grandpa's guitars?" - Toki Wartooth
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Wish I had known about this event...not far from where I live actually. Great successes, especially Whitey.

It wasn't open to the public. I was lucky enough to get an invite. Gooden was there too, but I figured since he was doing a signing at Last Licks that evening that he wouldn't show.
nice jobs with the auto sorry to hear about the Bernie Williams auto, didnt think he would be tough one to get.
Autographs probably cramp up Bernie's hands... then he wouldn't be able to play his ****** smooth jazz as crappily.

congrats on the others!
Bernie is a very hard auto to get..I have been at a few Place and he would not sign..I was at one and got Jeter and Bernie would not sign the same ball even..
its funny though because he has gone to my aunts church a couple times down in the Yonkers. couldnt believe it myself until i went over to my uncles house and he had about 3 picutres taken with him and Joe Torre.

never heard a problem about him signing though.