Holy Astros, Batman!


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I did a 29 Astros autograph trade. Only 28 were new to the collection :D Enjoy!

Jeff Fulchino

Barry Latman

Dave Hajek

Jim Landis

Claude Raymond



Wow! Now that's what I call a trade! Griffin, Everett, and Staub are tough.

Ellis Shoe

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man, that is cool. I am an Atlanta team collector, but since I have family in Texas, I have always been a big fan of the Astros. Also since Oswalt is from about 45 min away from me, I pick up stros autos when I can now as well. I finally a few weeks ago finished a dual that is to me the best card that ties my Braves and Astros collections together. I bet you can pick the one I mean :)



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That is awesome I wish I could pick that many up in a trade for my Bravos collection... that Phil/Joe is sweet I had hoped to get that same card done one day but unless I find one already signed by Joe obviously I am out of luck