Holy Cow, Boy I had a good Day


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Yesterday went to a signing for Tashard Choice, Running Back for the Dallas Cowboys. One of the coolest current players I have met. Took my daughter and two buddies and also won some free Central Hockey League Playoff Tickets.

Cowboys Mini Helmet (Not Pictured)

Star Magazine

Rookie Card

Provided 8x10 ( Got 4 of these)


Also picked up this Defender of the Star Print of George Teague from a local Private Signing.
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thanks fellas, it was a really good time. Chris we need to do some IP soon man

will have to hit up some ranger games...i have not tried to graph there so i'll be up for some pointers and see what we can get since i just do baseball...are you going to the exhibition game we got free tickets for? i just redeemed mine yesterday(thats when they sent the link) and got 4 pretty decent seats.