Holy Mackeral! Whitecaps/Loons IP

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
So they had Mickey Redmond signing autographs this afternoon with a promotion with the minor league hockey team here in town.

Then this is what I got baseball wise
Pretty sure as long as I make it back to a game this season I'll be getting one of Wade Gaynor's bats that he has been hoarding all season long. The first 2 Blake Smith's are available as well as the Wade Gaynor's
Trust me, the Smith's look better in blue.:D If you anything left for the Loons, I could use them as I'm out of stuff for most guys and am going Saturday + playoffs if it works around my classes just right.:p
More than I got for him. I have left:

2 Nick Buss' for greatdad
3 Jamie Ortiz
2 Josh Wall

Team Cards:
Juan Bustabad
Chuck Crim
Nick Gaudi
Christian Lara
Steve Smith
Josh Wall
Allen Webster

50/50 baseball's waiting to come in for Galvez and whomever I choose, and then working on a big deal but not finalized. If you want the Ruggiano done, PM me and I'll see what I can do.
Already have 2 of his Debut's done so not a big deal really. Have any extra's of anyone but Blake Smith, Angelo Songco or Calvazos-Galvez or however its spelt. Could send ya the debut and if ya get it done send me a card of someone else. I thought about getting Crim but seeing as it was Sunday and everyone only was trying to graph the Whitecaps on the field I was getting the staredown from Crim like he was just waiting for me to ask. Decided I'd leave him be so then I can hit him up on Tuesday if I make it so he don't think I'm a dealer or something lol