Hornets, a HOF lineman, and 2 music legends

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4.90 star(s)
Mar 23, 2004
Went down for the Hornets and to see who else I could get that was in town for the Colts game. Missed Archie Manning whom I've gotten enough and Rob Lowe came out and had nothing for him.

Darren Collison 1 card
Marcus Thornton 1 card
Robert Pack 1 card
David West 1 card
Peja Sojakovich 1 set card

Dan Dierdorf 1 card w/HOF
Stephen Stills- dollar bill(had nothing for him and he's not an easy autograph. As he was signing it, he said "Ahh...Defacing government property...$20,000 fine and some time in jail")
Marvin Hamlisch-signed 8x10...one of 2 people to win an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Tony, Pulitzer Prize, and Golden Globe
I always carry one of those index card flip over book things with me for IP stuff just in case...it works well and they are thicker than regular index cards...people don't seem to mind them since they are bound and not just blank cards that are loose...seems like a lot of people won't sign regular index cards anymore.